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  1. I always check the forums once a day so i just lurk in the background lol
  2. Codemasters is now officially integrated into EA, and i suspect the forums will change into the EA forums in the near future.
  3. Wonder what the forums are going to be like once Codemasters is integrated into EA?
  4. Welcome back, still pretty much dead here most old school members have left or post once in awhile 🙂
  5. You do know that post is from 6 years ago? Spam much.
  6. Yeah not happy all because of some China man who ate something he shouldn't have now the rest of the world has to suffer. Apparently thousands of people were lined up at the gates ready to go in but they were told an hour before the first on track event was due to start that the weekend is canceled.
  7. It's going to be my first time to a F1 event. 🙂
  8. A Ticket to the Australian F1 for Saturday plus a Supercar pit walk.
  9. Welcome back 🙂 Yes it's ticking along very slowly.
  10. Don't worry about the OT awards from back then it was funny to read the posts 🙂 I don't think you seemed rude back then, everyone is different when it comes to spoken English 🙂. Bumfez hasn't been around for a year or two @Hughesy says he is working out in a gym everyday lol. The forum got changed around a few times, this new forum started end of last year or start of this year but since the new forum started a lot of the older members are starting to disappear, i'll check the forums once a day but there isn't many new posts in OT. It's funny tho, Me Hamiltonfan, Hughesy and others were t
  11. It can't be? Is that Rohan 😲 Welcome back mate it's been a very long time.
  12. I'll check it out when it's on sale, it does look good tho 🙂 Haven't picked up a COD game since BO3 and still haven't finished it lol
  13. Preloaded Destiny 2 on steam ready for the free to play to begin on October 1st 🙂 @tbtstt I think next months line up is boring to me because ive already played the Last of Us lol
  14. Always been a fan of Logitech stuff, i used to use Wireless mouses for ages when i'm gaming but switch to wired. I'm running a Msi Interceptor DS B1 which i find to be great. That Logitech does look good tho especially with the long battery life 🙂
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