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  1. 5 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    I know, I know, triple post but nobody visits here anymore so I'm basically talking to myself. This is the first time I've tried recording VR. Didn't know this at the time, but it basically records the view just from the left lens/my left eyes perspective which is why it's off centre. Not great driving, but it's been a while and I feel like **** today. Had to compress this a lot so the quality is terrible as Codemasters are stingy and only allow 48mb videos.




    Le Mans Bugatti layout by the looks of it.

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  2. 19 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    Screw it, it was doing my head in constantly looking at a 2070rtx, because I couldn't get it out my head. So I've bought the one I linked. My 980 does struggle in some VR games, so it was needed really. Plus my 240hz monitor is freesync, but is compatible with Gsync but only with these GPU's, so that's another bonus. In most games I'll get double the framerate compared to my GPU, so 60fps would be 120fps.

    This gen is overpriced, but there was no other choice as AMD are rubbish. Anyway, it arrives tomorrow which is cool. Probably sell my 980 on Ebay or something. 


    Now I dont want to play any demanding games like Metro Exodus until  I get this GPU tomorrow. 



    Nice, i was looking at one over here and its £30 cheaper.

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  3. 12 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    I tried to play Fortnite whilst listening to music, couldn't hear a damn thing in game lol. I love that just after I get the kill the lyrics are I'm the greatest 😂



    Only game i listen to external music is Mechanic 2018, i normal have a online radio playing.

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  4. Was looking forward to this episode but the episode bombed as they spent most of the road trip talking inside their cars or at a race track. They didn't show much of the actual road trip and its scenery.

    The bit i liked was the Abbie segment against the Bentley and Aston and we learn't that Abbie has a sleeve tattoo.

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  5. On 3/18/2019 at 12:39 AM, Hughesy said:

    You could say I need a reliable squad to win the getaway mode in Fortnite. It's so frustrating as I play on my own agaisnt squads of 4. I do all the work, take multiple squads out which is amazing, I pickup the jewel, I then get to the van which I have to build up to and then of course my build gets shot down just before reaching the van.

    Time to stop playing competitive online games for a while before my heart explodes, again that would probably happen just before reaching the van...


    I'm in the same situation in Apex legends. When i join a random squad they would either drop into a hot zone and get killed straight away or go off on their own and expect the rest of team to revive them even if they are far away.

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  6. Yes they also did a segment in Top gear on how many pictures of their cars they could get and tally it up at the end of the show, much like the views on Instagram and Youtube.

    Since the BBC lifted the restrictions on what TGT can and can't do they seem to be rehashing old Top gear segments and challenges.

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  7. 20 hours ago, MBKF1 said:

    For me, series 8 - 15 have to be the absolute greatest, between 2006 - 2010.

    This is a list of my absolute favourite challenges:
    - Convertible people carrier
    - BBC Three Counties radio
    - Amphibious cars
    - Van man challenge
    - Stretch limos
    - Peel P50 around the BBC offices
    - British Leyland
    - Britcar 24h
    - Police cars
    - Top Gear UK v Germany (and Australia)
    - Lorry challenge
    - Car for 17 year olds
    - VW Scirocco adverts
    - Electric car challenge
    - Art gallery takeover
    - Building motorhomes

    Actually, that's a really long list... but it shows how amazing it was! And all those challenges were done in that 4 year time frame!

    Don't forget the Hovervan 😉

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  8. I thought this episode was one of the worst right down there with the Pickup episode, even the Apollo 11 tribute couldn't save it. Having Conversation street at the start is what killed the episode because they used all their jokes straight away to get the audience fired up and they were probably bored by the time Jeremy did the Citroen segment.


    And @DiRTFanNo.1 I'm guessing you started watching Top gear from season 19 onwards as most would say those seasons sucked with a couple good specials and it was when it was getting heavily scripted. Seasons 3-18 were great though.

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  9. 1. Which teams will win races this year? 

    Mercedes, Ferrari, Red bull, Renault

    2. What will be the best race result for Renault?


    3. Which team will score more points: Haas or Racing Point?


    4. Which driver will out-qualify his team mate most often?

    Max Verstappen

    5. Will Valtteri Bottas stay at Mercedes for 2020?


    6. Which rookie will score the most points (including Giovinazzi)?


    7. Who will take the most pole positions?


    8. Who will be the first driver to be replaced or substituted for a race?

    The Torpedo Kvyat

    9. And who will take their place?


    10. Which driver will collect the most penalty points for driving infringements?


    11. Who will win the Monaco Grand Prix?

    Daniel Ricciardo

    12. Who will crash out of the most races?


    13. Which drivers will take their first podium this year?

    Hulkenberg, Leclarc

    14: What will be the biggest driver market shock for 2020?

    Verstappen to Mercedes

    15. At which race will the drivers’ championship be decided?

    Sao Paulo

    16. What will be the biggest political story of the year?

    New aero doesn't provide better overtaking

    17. What will be the most entertaining race of the year?


    18. Who will finish last in the constructors’ championship?


    19. Who will win the Driver's championship?


    20. Who will win the Constructor's championship?


  10. 2 hours ago, MBKF1 said:

    Is anyone else finding this new forum to have incredibly slow loading times...?

    I'm pretty sure it isn't just my internet, because every other website loads quickly and as normal for me, but this new forum takes a very long time.

    The forum has always been slow for me since they moved here, but i thought it was just me.

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