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  1. Restarted the race into a third lobby! This time a 25% race. SKDP-HCGD-EVPG-EHVG Steam, PC Unranked Multiplayer [ONLINE] 16 Cars this time, including @Somtha [ONLINE] Wilder was the host as a spectator... Trying a different host at this point would've probably been the smart move. Once again, videos below AT-cm_1323787984.mp4 vod-1148715342-offset-6268.mp4
  2. Restarted the race into a second lobby. Safety car once again teleports backwards into the queue. SKDP-HCGD-EVPG-EHVG Steam, PC Unranked Multiplayer [ONLINE] 16 Cars this time, including @Somtha [ONLINE] Wilder was the host as a spectator. Once again, videos below AT-cm_1323784047.mp4 AT-cm_1323785902.mp4
  3. The safety car teleports backwards into the safety car queue. Carnage ensues. SKDP-HCGD-EVPG-EHVG PC, Steam Multiplayer, Unranked Social Lobby 18 cars, including @Somtha and @CharmanderNerd [ONLINE] No, a spectator named Wilder was the host. Videos attached below AT-cm_1323687777.mp4 Bring out a Safety Car after in Azerbaijan during a multiplayer race. This lobby did have 2 drivers that disconnected due to DNF's. rqg3xn.mp4 AT-cm_1323763156.mp4
  4. What happened? Is this about the esports drivers dropping out with the whole handling model debacle or is it something more recent?
  5. Here's a clip of the lobby with the multiplayer connection strength indicators. Everyone's 4 bars, green except for 2, 1 spectator and the williams driver @Somtha. bugreport20210901.mp4
  6. The game freezes up seemingly at random at times for small periods of time. In the video this happens during the rain where it freezes for about 2 seconds, just as I'm about to exit turn 4 of Austria in an online lobby. The result of this is that the cars behind me ghost through and I take control back where I lost froze. The game works beautifully besides this. GHDK-TDRJ-TDEH-ABVG PC, Steam Unranked Lobby [ONLINE] 18 players, among those were @CharmanderNerd and @Somtha. [ONLINE] I was not the host. The host was Blazehomewrecker. [PC ONLY] DxDiag attached b
  7. I must say, Mercedes is getting quite frivolous with their upgrade packages... First DAS and now this? Crazy. 😂
  8. The mercedes of Blazehomewrecker teleports out of the pits and back in. It's worth mentioning that all cars on track can physically see this happening and are having to swerve to try and dodge a car that's appearing out of thin air and disappearing. GHDK-TDRJ-TDEH-ABVG PC, Steam Unranked Social Lobby [ONLINE] 18 cars, among them were @CharmanderNerd and @Somtha [ONLINE] I was not the host, the host of this lobby is Blazehomewrecker (the teleporting mercedes in this video). [PC ONLY] As always, DxDiag attached below. Video attached below. From lap
  9. The clip shows myself going past a car parked in the middle of the track on entry to turn 1, from checking footage this car is there for about 20 seconds prior to my arrival but no yellow flags are brought out to indicate a hazard on track. A safety car is brought out but the map does not indicate full course yellows and the race director does not flash a full Safety Car either. Report Code: GHDK-TDRJ-TDEH-ABVG PC, Steam Social Lobby, Unranked [ONLINE] 18 players, @CharmanderNerd, @Somtha [ONLINE] I was not the host in this lobby. The host was Blazehomewrecker.
  10. excellent driver, great at finding Wallonia

  11. Hodgeson is a good driver

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