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  1. DarkRyderShane

    Engine change

    You can change engines every year if you wish, Mercedes is now the fastest engine past season one. Sounds definitely do change side note the Mercedes engine sounds broken at max speed imo
  2. DarkRyderShane

    Weather system

    Jeff is bloody annoying most times he pipes up but its a case of being over cautioned, again this game it meant for multiple skill levels if you know better ignore him 😉
  3. DarkRyderShane

    No Hard Copies

    The only reason digital sales aren't cheaper is because they are trying to support both selling methods, games that are only digital do end up cheaper overall, its trying to balance it imo discs should be gone this gen but even next gen still holding on to a dying breed
  4. DarkRyderShane

    No Standard Edition?

    ACC has been out for years its only just came out for consoles but thats why its cheaper, as has been said 55 quid is right for new releases, if you want cheaper buy disc
  5. DarkRyderShane

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    Downloading a new update now on xbox over 16gb so hopefully not just the Williams livery 😂 Edit: by the looks of it the update has taken us up to 1.02. 16gb update for a livery so far nothing else noticeable so I have to assume there was some back end work and bug fixing.
  6. DarkRyderShane

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    I have a feeling it's been downgraded deliberately so if they release it on next gen they can show the greater graphics
  7. DarkRyderShane

    Full game

    On the xbox x havent faced any issues on my 3rd, my team race career mode
  8. DarkRyderShane

    Has the AI got harder this year?

    They have definitely been improved I'm 80 currently trying to get used to it again, they seem far more aggressive, happy to leave the racing line to slip stream off you. They in general feel more alive now
  9. DarkRyderShane

    Schumacher edition

    Those who have bought through the store on xbox try switching location to new Zealand 😀
  10. DarkRyderShane

    Schumacher edition

    Its 1 am UK time for some reason
  11. You totally right, they haven't said if they are making F1 2020 available on the next series of consoles. ( which I think they should have by now ) but if in doubt will be backwards compatible anyways
  12. I've asked this multiple times on twitter and a actually game distribution team and either no answer or no idea That's not the actaul game that only the pre order files. Actually preloading is not currently available, gotta wait till closer to launch before we actually have the figures. Smart delivery for first party xbox titles yes but third party its up to them if they make it available. That being said dirt 5 is scheduled to be able to be playable on both so that's some good news means there more than likely to do so with F1
  13. DarkRyderShane

    AI strategy 2020

    Thats because in f1 if they qualify in the top ten they can't change tyre compound from what they have qualified on