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  1. Good day. I'm sure this topic has become a hindrance to your everyday life(at least I hope it has) but any kind of feedback on the current state of Dirt 3 should be considered to have the highest priority by your brand. Users are paying for broken software and they are receiving absolutely no support from your company. I think this speaks volumes of your work ethic and is starting to spill over to other software you develop as well. At the current trend you are moving you will have to close shop all together or be bought over by a bigger and more capable company because you have obviously los
  2. You people really should check your Steam account discussions. This topic is about to reach 1100 comments and there is no feedback. Please be advised, this will not go unpunished. You seem "willing and able" if you're working on new games but older software has little to nothing support. I am past the point of being sympathetic. We're approaching 1 year of waiting and guessing. Time to answer or produce results. I'll be waiting for a response on Steam.
  3. Please explain the logic behind your on-going loyalty towards Grid 2 and it's senseless inclusion on the Racenet website seeing as not a single person seems to play it online. Dirt 3 has a much larger community of players but they are being pushed aside on a daily basis. I find it troubling(to say the very least) that this GFWL issue has not been dealt with since the news has broke out. By the looks of things Codemasters are disorganized(at best) or could care less about their current user-base. You seem hellbent on releasing new titles,yet you forget to pay attention to the titles that ha
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