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  1. Issue: Frequent game crashes with triple monitors + G-Sync Method of Reproduction: Three identical monitors, all with full G-Sync support (not just G-Sync "compatible"). Use Nvidia control panel to enable Surround/Span monitor arrangement (Dirt Rally 2.0 doesn't seem to recognize the available wide resolution otherwise) Enable G-Sync (doesn't matter if fullscreen-only or fullscreen+windowed mode) Do any race mode (career, time trial, dirtfish freeroam, etc.) and usually within 5 minutes, the video output will stutter and then freeze. The game will continue to work and with functional audio for few moments longer and then crash. Crash dialog tends to report access violation issues on nvwgf2umx.dll or dirtrally2.exe Disconnecting two monitors for a single setup works fine with or without G-Sync (55+ hours with no crashes). Disabling G-Sync for the triple setup works fine as well (still testing, but have gone roughly 3 hours w/o crashes so far). Verified these findings by toggling G-Sync on and off a few times with the same results: triple + G-Sync crashes, triple + no G-Sync doesn't Also tried toggling Steam and Nvidia Experience overlays, neither appeared to make any difference. Platform: PC - Steam PC Build: Intel i7 6700K, Nvidia GTX 1080, 32GB RAM, 3 x Dell S2716DG/S2716DGR (the "R" designation is a pointless "retail" marker for otherwise identical hardware). OS is Windows 10, and Nvidia drivers are up to date as of 5/27/2020 (version 446.14). VR Headset used: N/A Wheel/Pedals used: Xbox One Controller