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  1. Scrogs

    Colin McRae: DiRT 2

    Which game has the most rally content.......Dirt 2 or Dirt 3? (Xbox 360)
  2. Scrogs

    There's no fool like an old fool.

    Handbrake turns certainly help in getting round tight turns.....and they are essential in rally games. Sorry but I only use a pad for driving games so can't offer advice about hand braking with a wheel set up.
  3. Does anyone purchase games this way? How does it work? Who actually owns the game that is downloaded? Is it just like downloading a digital version of a game on the XBox store....but from another company/source.
  4. Have been playing Grid Racedriver on and off for nearly 10 years on my 360. And it has just occurred to me that I should be using handbrake turns on the tight street circuit corners! 😯😳 Needless to say that my times and finishing positions have somewhat improved. If I had brains I'd be dangerous. 😉
  5. Thank you for your suggestions KittyFit90. I'm playing with a pad so have to use visual clues for braking and throttle (like heading for a tree or rolling the car, lol). I've enjoyed playing the Dirt Rally demo which had some sort of feedback vibration in the controller. Maybe go down the arcade rather than the sim route.....I just wanna take corners sideways......oh, and write off a few Lancias.
  6. Dirt Rally 2.0......I think this is the game that I've downloaded the demo on my XBox One and indeed it's a good game which has piqued my interest in maybe giving rallying a try. Or do you mean Colin McCrae Dirt 2 for the XBox 360? I'm hoping to get a second hand rallying game for 360. The cheaper the better! With good offline game modes if possible. I'm not into online gaming experience.
  7. As the title says folks. I'm fancying some rallying on my 360. There are lots of games out there.....but which one to get?
  8. Scrogs

    How low can i go?

    Surely there can't be a worse driver on F1 2019 than me. If there is a worse driver out there then please come forward and let me know. Haha.......I do look for a comfy team with errrm easier contract outcomes......but I'm still not good enough to achieve their underwhelming requirements!! And here is me looking to buy a 2020 version of the game. Rest assured that I will be the worst driver on that game too. Unless some kind of miracle happens and I actually manage to drive a F1 car as it should be driven.
  9. Scrogs

    How low can i go?

    Fifth race in my second solo career season. And I've been fired again (fourth or fifth time I'm afraid to say). But Ferrari have given me a contract. Is this as low as I can go as a F1 driver?
  10. Scrogs

    25% races

    Can I race without boxing for tyre degradation? Tyres look ok for temp and wear.....why should I box in last 4 laps?
  11. Scrogs

    What the deuce has happened here?

    Haha.....lap times getting faster......but I'm still pedestrian compared to you fast lads and lasses. 😥
  12. Scrogs

    What the deuce has happened here?

    Oh yes......I'm liking the way the game plays and the nippiness of the car through high speed corners on the smaller telly. Definitely a feeling of less understeer and getting back on the throttle earlier. My TT times on the three tracks that I have driven today have all been bettered. Austria by 2 seconds.....Germany by 3 seconds and Russia by nearly 4 seconds. I'll be back on the track after watching todays Belgian GP.
  13. I've just had an enjoyable My Career race in Russia which not only gave me my best race finish (seventh) but also the most enjoyment I've had with the game for quite a period of time. In fact my best lap showed two purple and one green sectors. The only thing that I can put down for this improvement is that I used a different TV. I usually play on a 47 inch TV and sit around 10 feet away from the screen......but now I've set up my console in another smaller room and I'm now sitting about 4 feet away from a 24 inch screen. I was surprised to be able to see the cornering lines so much better on the smaller screen. Ok......still had some poor laps.....and an 'issue' of some kind with the gearbox/transmission but I was delighted to finish the race in a position nearer to the winner rather than the back end. I'm sticking with the smaller TV setup.
  14. Scrogs

    Dad settings

    I'm playing F1 2019 on (grand) dad settings. Well, I say granddad settings but I have braking assist set to off cos it just messes up my already limited driving skills. If nothing else I would like to implement the brakes as and when I want them rather than the game deciding it for me. Add some traction control and anti brake lock.......AI difficulty to 1 (yes........one) and I'm still struggling. Can't qualify better than 10th place and don't usually finish in the top 10 of career races. I have however managed to post times on TT on all circuits that gets me on the leaderboards. Albeit in the nine thousand position areas. Yeah.....the game is tough.......bitter sweet even.......I haven't improved much in the 4 months that I've had the game. Maybe I need to be playing it more than my usual 2 hours a day.
  15. What a commentator and what a man. Bike fan/lover before he got into racing cars. The doyen of British F1 racing commentating. Ex tank driver in WW2. F1 wise he's been there and done that. Paudits from great drivers past and present. I loved every minute of it. Fabulous.