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  1. Scrogs

    Manual cluck

    Manual cluck = Free range hens. Auto cluck = Battery hens.
  2. Scrogs

    Going from auto gearbox to manual

    A few more hours spent trying manual gearing......and not only does the car handle better......it sounds better. That gorgeous 'blip' sound as I gear down into a corner......I don't recall hearing this with automatic gearing.
  3. Scrogs

    Reviews are pouring in

    Eurogamer give 2020 a glowing review. Don't know if forum rules allow me to add a link to this review.....but I'm sure you can all find it.
  4. I've decided to take a leap of faith and have a go at driving with manual gearbox. I've gone a bit retro and nostalgic and decided to do this on the 2013 version of the game rather than 2019 version that I have. Had a couple of hours trying manual out and it went rather better than I expected. Difficult first half hour but got better. Usual thing.....for every average lap there were about 5 disastrous laps. In the end I was going round Silverstone rather nicely....in fact I found the experience rather enjoyable. With manual gearing corners seem to be more controllable......car seems glued to the track with less understeer. Yes.......I think that I'm going to play on with manual gears. More enjoyable, realistic and (hopefully in time) better lap times.
  5. Scrogs

    F1 on the XBox 360

    Managed to get a "Classic Edition" of the 2013 game......and I really like it. Classic tracks and cars....the dulcet tones of Murray Walker and that young drivers tutorial thing. It's quite quirky and old school which I use as a term of endearment rather than a complaint or a negative. I've got to say that the steering on the game has surprised me.....left stick inputs are both responsive yet smooth. Which begs the question, what steering callibrations would I need to input (deadzone, linearity and saturation) on my XboxOne version of F1 2019 so as to get a similar steering experience?
  6. Scrogs

    Digital vs. Physical Copy

    My physical copy to digital versions of games is at about a 5 : 1 ratio. I'd like to have more digital games but also worry if game got corrupted or a system failure.
  7. Do the forum rules allow links to YouTube? I've found a video that explains the basics of F1 for people new to the sport...... but I reckon the video would also be enjoyed by more seasoned F1 fans......purely for the fact of being able to watch and hear F1 drivers trying to explain things F1 related.
  8. Scrogs

    Time Trial leaderboard error

    I feel your pain WestHam66. To find a ghost laptime close to my times I would have to scroll down a few thousand timings. I actually tried it once......scrolled to around the 600th fastest laptime on Silverstone......and that laptime was still around 15 seconds faster than mine ! I didn't scroll any further.......life is too short. 😡
  9. Scrogs

    Assetto Corsa

    I went for project cars 2........maybe should have gone for Assetto Corsa. I'll stick with PC2 for now.
  10. Nice sim rig you've got there Mike5500. And what guitar is in that guitar case in pic 2? 😗
  11. Scrogs

    F1 on the XBox 360

    I'm looking to get the 2013 version of the game on a well known auction site. There are a few about but some box photos of the game have 'complete edition' written on them. Will this version of the game have the extra DLC content on it? (Like classic cars and tracks).
  12. Scrogs


    Welcome to the forum Mintona. Nice introduction post you've written there. I'm pretty new to F1 2019 too (about 4 weeks) but I'm managing to get some nice driving in on the XBoxOne.....if not rather slowly! To be honest....cars and F1 in particular have moved on somewhat since I was a young fella watching Stewart, Rindt, Hulme et al in the sixties and seventies. I've also just got Project Cars too....I'm pretty inept at both games....but I enjoy playing them. I tried an online race...but it was carnage and didn't enjoy it....will leave that to the young 'uns. Keep on playing....and posting.
  13. Scrogs

    F1 2019 Manual ERS and fuel mix

    Ahhhh.......I get it now. Thanks for explaining the fuel saving program marioho. I'm all sorted now.
  14. Scrogs

    F1 2019 Manual ERS and fuel mix

    Thanks for replying marioho. I've ( kind of) sorted the issue. I reckon that manual ERS/ fuel mix can't be used in Time Trial. Makes sense that ERS and fuel will be automatically set to highest settings so that you can set a faster lap time.......apologies to all you seasoned F1 gamers for me not realizing the obvious. I found the auto/manual setting for ERS within the career menu.....in the practice/ qualifying rounds prior to race day. And manual ERS/fuel mix works well......until I choose that manage fuel learning thing/scenario within the practice session and then it goes awry. Can't seem to manage fuel management either with dpad or right stick settings!!
  15. I'm trying to use right thumb stick to alter fuel mix and ERS deployment. I've unbound these up/down/left/right inputs for their usual camera use and bound them to the ERS and fuel mix inputs...but doesn't seem to work on the track! Do I need to turn off auto ERS/fuelmix somewhere in game? Thank you.