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  1. I've just had an enjoyable My Career race in Russia which not only gave me my best race finish (seventh) but also the most enjoyment I've had with the game for quite a period of time. In fact my best lap showed two purple and one green sectors. The only thing that I can put down for this improvement is that I used a different TV. I usually play on a 47 inch TV and sit around 10 feet away from the screen......but now I've set up my console in another smaller room and I'm now sitting about 4 feet away from a 24 inch screen. I was surprised to be able to see the cornering lines so much better on the smaller screen. Ok......still had some poor laps.....and an 'issue' of some kind with the gearbox/transmission but I was delighted to finish the race in a position nearer to the winner rather than the back end. I'm sticking with the smaller TV setup.
  2. Is there a way that I can hear in game chat in online races? I don't have a headset/mike but was hoping to hear chat through my TV speakers.
  3. 18 laps at Brazil. Host must have had TC assist switched off as I was spinning off the track for the first 6 laps or so until I realised that I had to be more gentle/smoother on the throttle. I was lapped about 4 times and still had 4 laps to go when winner took the chequered flag. Really enjoyed it though. Looks like I'll be checking the online side of the game that I've hardly used on F1 2019 or F1 2020.
  4. While I'm here. What kind of download, upload and ping speeds make for a decent connection/online race experience? I'm on Xbox One.
  5. I'm thinking of taking a punt and getting it.
  6. Wish I had a bike like this when I was a kid.
  7. Looks good. Riding physics look good in first person view.......I need to check out how it looks in third person view as I believe this view can show how good (or bad) riding physics can be in a game. The gameplay on video looks really solid though. How do you weight shift into/out of corners? Right stick I presume? Are the controls remappable too? I like gear shifting on certain buttons.
  8. What's it like to play? I've got my eye on this too. I still enjoy playing Valentino Rossi game but feel that I'd like to get one of the newer bike games for my XBox One.......as any future releases will be for the next gen consoles.
  9. It does indeed look like a decent crack at a motorbike game. The on track riding physics are difficult to nail in these games. I'm thinking of going for the 'Ride' series of games. Maybe 3 rather than the newer 4 as it has more and different type of bikes......road and race bikes.
  10. Scrogs

    Invisible hands!

    Have the invisible hands returned yet peanutt2000? It might be OK when you run the game again. I have a visual 'glitch' where the 3 drivers on the podium after the race have no bodies.....just their 3 heads!! I'm hoping it resolves itself when I next play the game. Could be worse I suppose......invisible cars might cause a problem. 😗
  11. Scrogs

    What tires do I get for the race?

    I thought that I understood the tyre allocation......now I'm just confused. All I know for definite is that I always start a (25%) race on red tyres and can change to either yellow or white tyres after around 6 laps.
  12. ..........not finishing last anymore ( very occasionally get a podium place). I might have to increase the AI difficulty to 20. 😊
  13. Scrogs

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    I'm playing on XBone with a controller. Just can't seem to get enough wheel lock on slower turns.....like in second gear doing around 30-40 mph. Overshoot corner. Tried with steering saturation maxed out to 100 and still having problems with low speed understeer. Even tried with steering saturation at 100 and steering linearity at zero.....no help with understeer and steering too twitchy anyway for any form of steering. Might some set up changes give me more turn in for these slower corners?
  14. Scrogs


    I wont use the word trolls in reference to playing F1 but as for spoilers/saboteurs......yes there are some online drivers who spoil the gaming/driving experience for other drivers. I've taken the decision not to play online because of this. I would rather pit my driving skills against offline AI generated drivers. On the few occasions that I've participated in an online race I've been forced off the track by aggressive drivers. It's not for me. It's not for Codemasters to 'fix' but rather online drivers to have a conscience.
  15. Scrogs

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    I think that you've just sorted/refocused my steering technique DRT-Apophis. I wasn't getting 90 degree thumb movement into tighter corners....and I was probably going a bit too fast into these corners than I should have been too. Need to be going into corner at right speed (probably right gear also) for that corner.....start to make the turning input on the thumbstick a little earlier as I was running wide purely by not clipping the apex. So....what I'm trying to do for say a tight right hand bend (using clock face as reference for thumbstick movement is :- 1 Get as far as possible to the outside line. 2 Correct speed and gear for the particular corner. 3 Input turn slightly earlier than I usually do. 4 3 o'clock stick position into apex....slight adjustment if I'm cutting corner. 5 As I go through corner, push the thumbstick through to 2 o'clock against the thumbstick rim and 'roll' the thumbstick towards 1 o'clock then noon as car straightens. I've always ran with low steering linearity/ increased steering saturation as I thought that it was needed for tight cornering......only for the steering to be too twitchy on the straights. But now maybe I can set steering settings for a smoother and less twitchy drive.
  16. Scrogs

    Tyre choice/strategy

    Solo career running 25% races. I started race on softs and boxed once to change to mediums. Rain came after the tyre change and I tried to finish race on the mediums but controlling the car was difficult. All the other AI drivers ran a one stop race. So did they change to wet tyres and could I have done a second unscheduled pit to get wet tyres? I'm presuming that, if rain comes during a race, that any further pit stops would mean that wet tyres will be fitted by the pit crew.
  17. Scrogs

    Tyre choice/strategy

    Thanks for this. Yeah.....I think Jeff offered me a change of strategy but I didn't know what to do or how to accept it. So I do this via the MFD. I've got it now.
  18. Scrogs

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    Thanks for the reply and suggestions. Will give them a try.
  19. Flicking through the solo player menus and saw F2 season option. Great I thought.....I'll have a go at that. Couldn't stay on the track long enough due to spin offs to post a decent qualifying time and qualified in last position on starting grid (those F2 cars are a bit frisky). No problem I thought as I'm new to F2 and trying to stay away from using assists it's going to take some getting used to them. However my despair increased as I had problems staying on the track for the FORMATION LAP and only maintained my position by being last on the grid anyway!! This doesn't bode well I thought as I sat at the back of the grid waiting for the race to start.....and I was correct. First lap was a total disaster so I put the assists on....and hey presto!...the second (driving assisted) lap was a total disaster too. At this point I thought it best to end my F2 career.
  20. Scrogs

    Started a F2 season.........wish I hadn't.

    I stuck at it and finished the 6 race mini season.....and I've got to admit that I've become quite fond of the F2 cars. Will restart another season...possibly the longer one. The qualifying system is rather quirky. You qualify in either pole or last position. No positions in between. During the one shot qualifying lap, a ghost car appears on track. Beat the phantom driver and you start on pole....finish behind the ghost driver and you start at the back of the grid.
  21. Scrogs

    Aston Martin F1 Livery?

    British racing green. I've tried to livery my cars in BRG in my team. But it's more neon green rather than BRG. 😔
  22. Scrogs


    Keep us updated. I'm now driving without TC assist and it's amazing how much faster I can be into and out of corners. Still getting spinoffs but I wish that I tried playing with no TC assist before now.
  23. Scrogs

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Your rig looks ok to me......I wouldn't say no to it. I don't have much room in my 'mancave' ( it's an 8feet x 5feet spare bedroom......not much room left with a 7feet x 3feet bed in it) but a rig like yours might work for me.
  24. OK. I've been playing F1 2019 and now F1 2020 for 5 months. Assists on.....assists off.....automatic gears on....have a go at manual gears....fail.....back to auto gears and assists. Drive races with all the assists that I can get my hands on.....have a decent race and finish wherever those parameters deem that I should finish. In retrospect a dull and shallow way do drive F1 cars. So.......I've decided to stop shilly shallying. Play the game in its purest form. No assists.....manual gearbox....steep learning curve. F1 driving (for me) is going to get difficult....and messy. But it's something that I believe that I need to do now. Now is the time to break away from assisted driving. Wish me luck everyone. I'm going to need it.
  25. Scrogs


    Driving with TC off is definitely doable ItsHwurr. Just whack your throttle linearity up to max (100) and try a few laps. You will soon get to know when and how much gas to put on out of a corner so as to get a smooth transition. Give it 20 or 30 laps of your fave circuit. I've tried it out.......and it's starting to work!