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  1. Stirling Moss & Ronnie Peterson
  2. Cameramon


    Why hasn't CM issued a manual for GRID (2019)? There are probably a lot of features that users don't know about and CM aren't telling us about. A few came to mind car liveries and how to apply to car, what the symbols mean that I keep seeing (exclamation mark on an orange back ground), how do I get better XP as quite often you can get nothing for style, (I think it is - the middle value of points awarded after the race) even though I've won the race convincingly. Does anyone know?
  3. Also known as Cameraman, but apparently Codemasters can't update so I've re-registered as Cameramon.  Hi to everyone here.

  4. Cameramon

    Car liveries

    I've tried to change liveries of my cars to no avail. Quite often when I enter liveries the game crashes, and when I do manage to get into the design area and pick colours, etc, there is nothing for me to hit to save. Is anyone else having these problems or is this another problem we have to wait ages for a suitable fix?