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  1. andreimarica869

    Car slowing down

    If something doesnt change soon, I think Im gonna pack my **** and get out of here. It’s like this is what they want, for everybody to leave so the bots can duel between them.
  2. andreimarica869

    Car slowing down

    Not so obscure, but still, had to ask 😬. Not a big fan of Seb, but probably would have done the same in Baku. Well, not there, but later in the race and with a dnf for Lewis for sure 😅. “Just kidding”
  3. andreimarica869

    Car slowing down

    Im not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. 😅 but anyway, you saying it’s a ferrari car problem?
  4. andreimarica869

    Car slowing down

    This time it slowed down by 10kph, but usually its 20-30. And the opponent flies 3-4 sec ahead. FullSizeRender.mov
  5. andreimarica869

    Car slowing down

    Has it ever happened to you that your car suddenly slows down in Australia right after turn 12? Happens to me 80% of the time, and lost most of the qualifiers because of it.