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  1. I wanted to play GTI Racing, but I can't because this pops up: "An error has occured while trying to access app's libraries. Error code 1275" Someone please help urgently
  2. I just decided to take on the Group B, since I was winning the Expert Mode twice. These cars are hella fast and not quite controllable, but I still wanted to try. So, any tips on which car to take, how to take control of it and how to win all rallies in this championship without crashing the car?
  3. I think they have accomodated with FIA-associated games and they don't want to fail because of a street racing game
  4. Well, they were making racing games since 1998 (beginning with Colin McRae Rally) and from that point there were no street racing games whatsoever, the only game beyond racing genre was Sensible Soccer 2006 (which I had for PS2)
  5. Now I just discovered CCC works only with Intel CPU's with ATI graphics I have ATI with AMD, so I need AMD VISION Engine Control Centre *facepalm*
  6. Actually Control Center doesn't exist and doesn't want to install everytime I install drivers
  7. The problem is My GPU is ATi Radeon X1300 and its control panel (Catalyst Control Center) doesn't work
  8. I tried several times, but I only found how to set widescreen not get rid of it
  9. Any ways to get rid of widescreen and have a normal 4:3 aspect ratio? I couldn't find relevant answers on the Internet nor my friends who are PC specialists couldn't help. I really need a good answer bc stretched 2004 game looks gross.