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  1. Well, yeah. But I was thinking where the tyre doesn’t fly off. But like, you’re steering is broken, but you can still drive.
  2. I’ve read some good suggestions here like the floor, sidepods, rear wing, etc. But maybe suspension damage when you hit a wall? Could make tracks like Monaco even more challenging. Look at Charles today out of swimming pool. Hit the wall, broke the suspension and then hit the other wall.
  3. I would honestly love to be able to set the amount of laps I personally want. The same way this can be done in Project cars going from 1 to 999 if you want. Or like GT Sport.
  4. It is known that its easy to come across drivers who might not be as clean as some people would like them to be when racing. So I don’t know if anybody else suggested this, but it would be nice the have an option to set a minimum requirement for what safety rating a driver should have before they can join the lobby. This will promote cleaner racing in open lobbies and might also introduce more players to ranked lobbies too!
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