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  1. Ive honestly driven more time on simulator games , than i have in Real Life . 

    Held a licence for 33 years . I am a better driver because of the games that you guys make .

    Will continue to enjoy them , Thanks xx 

  2. DogSnot

    DIRT Rally 2.0 future(Last) DLC support.

    Yeah a bit gutting to be honest . Finally a good driving game thats only a year old . Has so much more . Im not an Arcade Racer , as much fun as it is , but Dirt 2.0 has whats been missing for a long time . Gran Turismo couldnt do it with same tracks and jazzed up graphics ? Codemasters have recreated something that is Special , i think its foolish to let that Go , xx
  3. DogSnot

    DIRT Rally 2.0 future(Last) DLC support.

    That would be a shame , seeing as youve introduced so many people to the game now . PS Plus has put you on the map now . Dont let that slip . . .
  4. DogSnot


    Dirt 5 ? The wrong path . Masters of driving , not arcade stuff xx
  5. DogSnot


    Im not a Pro driverby any sorts . But the simple things in life ,should be mandatory. P.s i needed help spelling that xx lol
  6. DogSnot


    If i make vehicle mods , i want to keep them without saving . Minor issue . When i jump in a car , i want it how i left it . Thanks for reading . X
  7. DogSnot


    He would Eat a scabby Thai Dog LoL
  8. DogSnot


    This already needs shifting to new forum location . Was trying to Reply to GreyLancer . , No joy . For the Old School amongst Us , Indonesia was a favourite of mine . Deserves a Map Pack . Xx Just hope they're not selling Bats by the RoadSide , Jeremy Clarcksons Dinner LoL xx
  9. Still learning on Forum , so please forgive .

    With the Fan Base This Rally game has , I wouldn't change anything. 

    Ps5 soon , I would Remaster it for 4K 60 FPS . 

    Keep everything the Same , and do the Map Packs .

    Will be Just Joy ! 

    P.S , sort that Filter Out LoL xx

    1. DogSnot


      LoL That New Car Smell , carnt beat it ! 

      Well , hope your all dodging the Covid and Family is Well . 

      Look forward to the replys . 

      They didn't ask what my Fave car is ? 

      Nissan Skyline Gtr . 

      Hope Nissan get on Board , they're loosing out on showcasing xx 

  10. DogSnot

    Assistance would be appreciated

    Would Google it matey , with make and specs . Not savvy with steering wheels and pedals , but if you mix different hardware . . Should be a work around in game settings or if running pc , would check for possible software updates .
  11. DogSnot


    Feel free to shift this to relevant Car department. If Codey's can do Vanquish rally Car , Who would like to see Nissan Skyline ? Grand Turismos idea of rally driving was the Pits LoL If they Teamed up , would have the Best Driving Game ever made .
  12. DogSnot


    Hi , name is Rob but all call me the Dog . PS4 gamer , was Xbox as well but CD tray sucked lol . This Dirt 2.0 should have had more Advertising . Would have snapped it up last Year. That said , best driving Sim ever . Driving Rig or new Posh Fridge for the misses ? Might be single soon ! LoL
  13. DogSnot


    Not here to moan , but there should be a Filter for Driving Rigs and Steering Wheel users . It's a bit unfair when you see the Times and your using a Pad . . . Also takes Skill . Been driving since PS1 , Colin MacCrea , Grand turismo , yes I'm Old , but fair is fair . Seeing Your Time in the Thousands is disheartening . We don't all have the Room or money for Rig set ups ( I Wish ) . A Filter would Lift my Heart , a bit .