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  1. I seem to have solved this issue, without actually understanding what was causing it: After huge messing up with NVIDIA GPU Settings, I decided to smash them all to default and start anew. This actually made the game stop crashing, but I really can't tell what it was. I'm just glad I can now play. I'd still like if someone more competent would give a look to the reports and look at the issue. Maybe it's nothing, but finding it out could potentially help someone else in the future.
  2. Still going... I just can't play like this. If I won't find a solution, I'm gonna ask a refund, and I feel bad about it. a6ecf469-175e-485f-b1c7-b79432ad3a2f.zip
  3. Basically what I said on the title, besides that it doesn't really happens always on gameplay, and it really can vary on the timing. Sometimes it does it on the first race, sometimes i have to do multiple races in order for it to happen.. only thing i can say is that the error coming out on the crash window it's always the same: Access violation at address 0x4bb19527 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x8b9527.dirtrally2.exe it's not always the same address, but it's always on dirtrally2.exe I recently bought it cause I loved Dirt Rally and since I got myself a G29 and Complete pack 'till Flat Out was in sale. I REALLY wanna play this but I'm out of ideas right now, been searching for days... PC Specs: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX Ryzen 5 3600 S.Skill TridentZ RGB 3400Mhz 16GB Dual Channel MSI Geforce 1660 Super Gaming X Plus I got an NVMe as main drive for OS and a 2TB HDD for games and other stuff. I got the game on the HDD Game runs smoothly at 144FPS with no lag spikes. I did some overclocking, but I have zero crashes on whatever game I ever played. Went trough League, to Apex, to COD MW, Sekiro, MHW and so on and so forth. No crash whatsoever. I leave the .zip with the crashdump in case that could be of any help. bd89aaa7-a713-4760-a8a1-0c63a6106040.zip