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  1. It's unbelievable the amount of support this forum has gotten. I've been lurking since april 20th and they literally have the social media team dealing with CONNECTIVITY ISSUES posting the same ******** "fix error code windows 7 users" yet nobody has said they have windows 7, actually Creegz has been mentioning he has a fully updated computer with windows 10 and PJTierney has been completely ignoring and then posts again unrelated, unhelpful posts. Are you listening to your players Codemasters??? **** server connectivity issues, remove the entire fact i need upload my race for a SINGLE PLAYER CAREER MODE to not get a DNF. Never purchasing Dirt 5 or any future content you create if you continue this pathetic support, horrible online singleplayer mode. I absolutely love Dirt Rally, put over 1000+ hours in it, but the fact you guys completely ruined this game with me constantly losing races because of server connectivity issues, not being able to repair my cars because i lose all my credits. You guys understand the game is unplayable when NO ONE can connect? I don't give a **** about freemode. Whats the point of a career mode when you CAN'T EVEN ACCESS IT OR ******* PROGRESS. I play games to progress through them, level up, that good stuff. But nah i'm stuck at lvl 0 doing freemode with NO REWARDS, NO GRATIFICATION AND NO PROGRESSION.