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  1. Gioshock

    F1 19| ghosting in corners?

    That’s what I had also assumed but I tested it and it seems like the car stays “solid” when you hit “start/menu button” on PS4, which would keep it fair. I am not 100% sure about this though, maybe someone with more experience can confirm?
  2. Gioshock

    F1 19| ghosting in corners?

    Online is fun actually, so long as you maintain rank S. it’s just frustrating that so often you get crashed into during the first turn potentially ruining a whole race (and getting warnings and penalties).
  3. Hi guys, I am new here and to the game. I have noticed in several online ranked races that some players go ghost in corners with a high chance of crashing / being crashed into by others (i.e at the first turn of a track). The car goes back to normal right after the dangerous corner is passed. I have now noticed this several times so I feel like ruling out the coincidence of them disconnecting and reconnecting quickly. Are they somehow using a way to become a ghost temporarily or is this a real coicidence?