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  1. ThaZ900

    Low GPU usage on track

    After 1 day i did install Version 445.98 back and its still OK ! Did you use DDU insafe mode ?
  2. ThaZ900

    Low GPU usage on track

    I tried these, not working for me, i must admit i didnt the DDU uninstall in SAFE mode, but i never do use DDU after an Nvidia driver update. I'm scared to change from V432.00 to another...still working good here !
  3. ThaZ900

    Low GPU usage on track

    Yes i understand, but if the V432.00 version keeps working well (must check it in other games) then i stay with this one....i hope you understand 😉
  4. ThaZ900

    Low GPU usage on track

    I did this, and after windows rebooted the Nivia V432.00 installs itselves. And now the weird thing....no more issues. OK it was 1 race online but it seems good till now !!
  5. ThaZ900

    Low GPU usage on track

    I have exactly the same problem !! In benchmark mode I have 150FPS at 90% GPU load when all is good. When something fails suddenly I've 70FPS at 30% GPU load and then also 3sec. freezes in game when im on track (in specmode its always OK). Using an ASUS GTX1080Ti ROG Strix. I spend several days for a solution....nothing helps till now. CPU = i8700K