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  1. KTFW


    A handful of PC and XBOX spaces still available.
  2. KTFW


    Bumped, Come join in
  3. KTFW


    Racing this evening, come and join in
  4. KTFW


  5. KTFW


    F2 League now up and running, come get involved.
  6. KTFW


    We had a good clean race with a great community so come get involved
  7. KTFW


    Racing at 7PM BST today, get joined to race tonight
  8. KTFW


    Bumped, Racing Tomorrow on PC (31st)
  9. KTFW


    Looking for new drivers of all skill levels, welcoming of those who have never league raced before.
  10. KTFW


    We're Racing this Weekend for PC and next weekend for console
  11. KTFW


  12. KTFW

    The Pro Formula Masters Racing League

    https://discord.gg/sZJztzv Functioning Link
  13. KTFW


  14. KTFW

    Looking for new drivers (PC)

    LOOKING FOR NEW DRIVERS FUN AND CASUAL https://discord.gg/vWWNHNu Join The Pro Formula Masters Racing League, an open and friendly league for the more casual F1 2019 fans. We Race on Friday and Sunday at 5pm every week Our community uses a wide range of assists in our 50% races, including traction control amongst others. Join now to get a seat on the F1 Grid with a second league in the making, sign up to join our fantastic community. https://discord.gg/vWWNHNu