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  1. Issue: incorrect Personal best times in Time trial Platform: PC Steam Sometimes if you restart your race in Time trial not far from the finish, your unfinished result can be recorded as your "Personal best" time. If you check "Splits" times, the last split will be several seconds only, as if you teleported to the finish. If I have not reached the finish line, my overall time should not be the "personal best". This is hard to reproduce, you need really many restarts.
  2. Issue: Unable to make roadside repairs in events. Method of Reproduction: Choose spare tyre in tyre menu before event. Crash the car to make a puncture. Try to change your tyre. Enjoy ? Platform: PC Steam PC Build: WIN10 1909 VR Headset used: No Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G27 Double checked the amount of spare tyres before starting daily events in Finland and Wales (knowing my driving style, I just can’t forget about the spare tyre). Roadside repair menu simply does not appear after puncture and even after a tire is blown, pressing "D-pad up" does nothing. So the main function of spare wheels is just additional useless weight in my trunk, only to make my times worse, right? this is incredibly stupid. The inability to change the tyre cost me 50k Cr to repair wrecks of Delta HF after trying to get to the finish on 2 remaining wheels on one side.