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  1. You're absolutely right, The fact that we end up along-side Hamilton at Mercedes or given a Ferrari seat is already in the realms of utterly farcical. The fact we are supposed to convince ourselves we are even on the grid is a bit mad, but then it is a game at the end of the day. Coming in guns-a-blazing with a billion dollars, creating a team and then plonking myself in the drivers seat is actually more realistic by comparison. Perhaps this is the narrative i'll have subconsciously - That i'm a billionaire with a point to prove, and that given the funding anyone can join Formula 1 and be successful. I run the team, and i drive for my team, and i'm setting a new precedent. I don't know though, it is a difficult pill to swallow. The other thing that's difficult for me (yes you guessed it, on a realism standpoint) is that after 2 or 3 seasons the team is going to be fighting for championships. Silly as it sounds, i might deliberately slow down my progression within the game, not buy upgrades i could afford etc, as i want a couple of seasons at the back, and then a couple more seasons perhaps scraping into the points on a good day. I don't want it to be easy, i don't want my team to turn up and within 3 seasons wipe the floor with Hamilton & Mercedes, it's just stupid. A dream would be to come in as Wilson Motorsport, be 5 seconds off like 2010 HRT or something, but then slowly make my way through the ranks, gathering manufacturer backing along the way, so that by season 8 or 9 when i'm towards the front, i'm something like Equipe' Wilson Bugatti, but this is merely a dream. Would have been decent if your title sponsor is at the beginning of your team name, F1 2021 maybe. I hope this mode is something they tweak and develop over the coming years, and not just a feature that had a year in the spotlight and then Codies moved onto something else, this thing has real potential. There's a couple of other things i'm unsure on that maybe someone here knows - Can we change our livery between seasons? (i know we can change title sponsor) Because being stuck with exactly the same livery for a decade's worth of in game time is...well, i would want to at least tweak it between seasons like Mercedes at the very LEAST. Also what about changing engine supplier between seasons? If this is possible, then having your engine supplier in your team name could be a huge F if you want to change at some point. Actually to be honest an idea that i'm warming to is the 'Lawrence Stroll' gameplan, essentially as if my dad runs the team, and i'm the driver, so a team name as something related to him, thinking... because actually my dad used to race motorbikes in the 80's, do i bring back the team he raced for? I've seen some old pictures, i could create the colour scheme at least. But then it wasn't HIS team. Damn i've been pondering over this, and rambling on a lot. For me though it's not just a case of calling it some banter name like i've seen on twitter, painting the car day-glo green and having a laugh. I want to do this properly, i was to feel as if it's real, as if this is actually me, with my own car going up against the giants. I want to make this as authentic as possible.
  2. Well, i previously stated there were 5 options to choose from regarding the 'my team' situation. But.. Having seen the recent 'My Team' trailer drop, the thing that immediately stood out to me was the extremely basic custom badge, from the examples shown this looks like it will be a choice of a few generic shapes. This drastically changes the realism attempt in my opinion. If you're anything like me, the option of resurrecting an old official team, or trying to create a new manufacturer team like Porsche, Jaguar etc is now completely out of the window. The badge will utterly ruin the immersion. This only leaves the personal option open, with perhaps your chosen engine supplier attached to your surname e.g Wilson-Renault F1. (for added realism i would choose either Renault or Honda as your engine supplier as Ferrari already supply 2 other teams, and Mercedes will supply 3 other teams after 2020. Actually Renault would be the realistic choice. You're a Renault B-team guys) I have the other unfortunate complication that my surname is very close to Williams, therefore having Wilson vs Williams also makes me cringe inside. When i was in school i used to draw cars in all my books, but not Ferrari's or Lamborghini's no - i had come up with my own brand, and the designs were of my own imagination. This brand was called Evip. Now these days i realise it sounds like an electric cigarette brand, but back in 2005 there was no such thing, and i thought it sounded cool. Anyway, maybe now is the time for my teenage sketch car brand to come back to the spotlight. I've also been considering the colours that are not currently represented on the grid. For example, i wouldn't create an Orange car (McLaren) or a Pink car (Racing Point). With Toro Rosso changing to Alpha Tauri, and along with it their livery changing - Blue is now available, and this is a strong contender for my primary colour. Other colours not seen on the current grid include - Purple, Green, Gold, Grey, Highlighter yellow (think brawn GP stripe) , Black, Aqua/turquoise. So i recommend selecting a combination of those. I think on balance i'll be going with a nice bold blue, with black accents & a yellow stripe - a nod to my Renault engine supplier. There's also one other element of realism concern i can't seem to shake - and that is, am i owning the team or driving for the team? I understand the point of this game mode is that you are both, but come on...it's a little childish isn't it? Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't sit comfortably in my mind. Like i said in my comment a couple of weeks ago on this forum, the prospect of me - Wilson, driving for my own team - Wilson F1, is not something i want to see, it's just too far-fetched. It's like Lawrence Stroll jumping in the Racing Point car himself, it's just too silly. So with regards to this i can go down 1 of 2 roads - Either i pretend my dad (or other family member) is the owner, and i am indeed the driver. OR - I'm the team owner, and i actually drive under another name, literally pretending i'm someone else - actually i saw a comment here of someone that said it will be as if their son is driving - not a bad idea. i don't have any children yet but, i have a 10 year old nephew, maybe he's the one who gets the imaginary seat. Decisions, decisions. I've even thought of driving under the name of a real upcoming driver - maybe an F3 driver (so their not actually in the game) So it's as if i own the team, and have employed 2 up and coming drivers (although one of them i control) if you understand. Anyway in conclusion, amidst all my complaining and considering i would like to add, this is a massive step forward for the F1 game series, i simply cannot wait. This feature is something we could have merely dreamed of a few years ago, so i'm massively grateful that this is becoming a reality. Maybe in a few years we'll get to design our own liveries & badges, and at that point realistically re-create, or add a big name or brand to the grid, but at this stage it's just a reach too far for me with the limited customization options we'll get this year. Evip-Renault F1 it is then, for now. Peace guys!
  3. I've been thinking about this extensively over the last couple of weeks - with all these lockdown measures and being a massive F1 fan, what else better to do? Anyway - I've figured there are 5 ways to go about this. Option 1. Go for the realistic route - i.e Honda F1 Team. However, the livery & badge options will be limited so this could end up looking like some cheap wannabe version, and i can see myself cringing at my attempt to be authentic, losing enthusiasm and defaulting back to the regular career mode quickly. Option 2. Combine realistic with a personal aspect - i.e Wilson Jaguar Racing. This way it's as if you yourself are the owner and you are simply backed by a manufacturer or a big name. This can give you a peace of mind as why the badge isn't the Jaguar badge etc. Option 3. Go full personal - i.e Wilson Motorsport F1 Team. Imagine it's actually YOU setting up YOUR team, let's say you won the euromillions twice a week for a month and you decide to actually enter Formula 1. This gives you a full license to go with whatever colour scheme & badge you desire, but you lose that sense of realism as eventually "Wilson Motorsport" is going to be fighting with Ferrari & Mercedes for the championship, and i can't help thinking it sounds like a back of the grid struggling team. Also you'll have the other far-fetched situation of 'Wilson driving for team Wilson' and i don't know if i can swallow that amount of fantasy. Option 4. Try to recreate an historic team - i.e Benetton Renault. Trying to design a somewhat accurate livery to convince yourself it's the team you watched as a child may be difficult. With the fake sponsors & basic badge it will lose another aspect of the team you are trying to resurrect. Having said that, i can see this option being popular. Perhaps not for me though. Option 5. Do something stupid/fun. i.e CrashAlot F1 Team. Shackles are off if you decide to go with this option - rainbow livery? Hire the worst driver possible for maximum banter? I feel like some of the younger audience may roll with something like this, although the idea of it makes me want to vomit. In conclusion - I think i'll go with option 2. As if it's me, with the backing of a major brand or manufacturer, personal yet powerful. Retaining a somewhat realistic element. It wouldn't sound so ridiculous that Wilson Jaguar Racing might eventually fight for wins. Well anyway that's my thoughts on the whole 'My Team' game mode. I can't wait to get started.