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  1. japandriver

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Thanks to everyone for their advice!! After the weekly challenge,I will reset the scenario.
  2. japandriver

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I'll write it again because no one answers me even if I consult via email or forum. My AI is more than 1 minutes faster than non japanese player's AI on the same difficulty .(91 very hard/Colin Mcrae 1989 New Zealand) Actually, I have a 3 minutes handicap instead of 2 minutes handicap. The Youtube video I saw cleared the very hard through the time was slower mine. My time 1st stage 8:37. 2nd stage 9:37. total time 50:20.My AI's total time 49:06. The player's time I saw 1st stage 8:55. 2nd stage 10:07. total time 51:07.AI's total time 50:09. Why is my AI 1 minutes faster than other player's AI even though it's the same difficulty 91 very hard. I can't get the trophy flat out because My AI is too fast!!! I thought about the cause of this bug. I suspect it's not patched well. My version of Dirt rally 2.0 is 1.24 instead of 1.14.(the newest version) Other japanese players are also Version 1.24.Is this correct? Please tell me how to solve it. PS4 Japan
  3. issue:Version1.14? My dirtrally2.0 is version1.24(latest update) platform:PS4 Is version1.24 correct? Is it because My AI in colin mcrae 1989 is so much faster than other player's AI? (same difficulty. very hard 91. My AI→49:06/Other player's AI→50:09) ↑(I wrote this bug in another thread.) I fight this scenario every day to get the trophy, but I have never won. I am waiting for your reply.codemasters Sorry for my poor English.
  4. japandriver

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Hi.I'm japanese driver. I have some questions. Why is my AI so fast? This image is of Colin Mcrae 1989 New Zealand. And this difficulty level is very hard 91. The Youtube video I saw was 49:32 at difficulty 100. I fight this scenario every day but I can never clear. Is this a bug? Is this bug only in japan? or only me? I want to get the trophy Flatout. Help me codemasters!!!