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  1. It might be my imagination that it's due to the tire temps - but if I do the warmup lap and have my tire temps around 5C or more warmer than the AI cars, I can beat them off the start and make up a place or two on acceleration to the first corner. I wouldn't claim that I'm exceptional at starts (I'm playing in the AI 95-100 range), but I'm doing better starts since I started focusing on better tire warmup.
  2. OK, I figured it out - did some more pauses/replays during practice and qualifying to look at that screen. In Practice or Qual, it only shows the first number under the Laps (green circle), with no delta display. The number is the laps of fuel remaining. In a race, the laps of fuel remaining (green circle) shows with the delta to race end alongside (red circle). So, 58.6 laps of fuel remaining, 0.72 more than are required to finish the 58 race laps still to complete. 👍 Cheers, Gordon
  3. I've paused at the green lights to check as well after driving the formation lap (use cockpit view to check, it shows the actual temperature on the steering wheel display), and the temperature advantage is the same. I haven't tried checking the comparative tire temps with formation lap off...
  4. I've been watching this on formation laps - 2/3 of the way through, go to instant replay, freeze it, then change to cockpit view and cycle through the grid. You can see each car's tire temps at that point (as well as their fuel loads). If the formation lap is slow the AI cars will have tire temps around 72C, and with weaving, braking, accelerating, gas/brake at the same time, I can have tire temps 10C warmer - a significant grip advantage off the start line!
  5. Flash Motorsport, hired Lando for Season 2 as my team-mate. The second photo has Leclerc crashing in the background after botching Austria Turn 8!
  6. Hi PJ, Hoping you can help - I've never been able to find an explanation of all the data shown on the steering wheel display (in Cockpit view or T-cam views). Most of the fields are intuitive, or explained in guides like the ERS guide just discussed - BUT there's one number that is a mystery to me. In the box on the upper left of the display, there is speed; current lap; current position; ???, and fuel delta (same as shown on the MFD display) For example, a screen shot from a popular YouTuber who races in cockpit view, the MFD on the right of the screen shot shows Fuel M
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