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    Number 1 missing?

    You mean you won the championship at race 16 out of 21 in the season, for example? You don't get to use the #1 until the following season - you have to continue with your current number until the end of the current season.
  2. Flash42G

    Braking distance and lap times

    Welcome! I have a couple of comments - like you, I've been playing the F1 201x versions for a couple of years, sort of knew the tracks, did OK at 70% - 80% range, but didn't play a whole lot. Last winter, I started playing F1 2019 more seriously, then my Thrustmaster steering wheel lost the feedback (broke). I replaced the setup with a Fanatec setup in April, and have been playing a LOT of 2019, then F1 2020, since then - I'm competitive at 100% lately. I figure the Fanatec setup allowed me to add 5% to the difficulty, mostly due to the load cell brakes and the better feel they provide. In May, I was competitive at 80% - 85%. I have done 3 or 4 seasons of Career on F1 2019, a season of F1 on F1 2019, then 3 seasons of My Team and a season of Career on F1 2020, along with a couple of dozen of ranked races and Weekend Challenges. Braking points are one thing - trail braking is even more important. You'll probably pick up an easy 0.5 seconds per lap by learning to trail brake in to the apexes. Don't over-brake - keep your apex speeds as high as you can coming out of the corners - pick up the throttle to maintain speed through the apex and/or start accelerating early, long before the car will take large throttle openings you can add slight amounts of throttle. It's easy to pick up another 0.5 seconds per lap with early throttle. Use ALL the track - see where the AI or Time Trial ghost cars are going on to the curbs before turning in, or when tracking out, or when through a chicane. Watch some of the expert YouTubers, study their lines, but especially watch the brake and throttle inputs on their MFD displays - Tom97, Jaaames (Baldwin), publish track and setup guides for each track, as do several others. Watch some of the Tubers who publish complete My Team seasons like Tiametmarduk, Aarava - those guys race at 109%. You can see how they trail brake, how they ease in throttle, and what lines they use. Driver61 Sim Racing has some great sim instruction videos; Boosted Media; Jimmy Broadbent; TRL Limitless - lots to be learned by watching the lines and brake/throttle of those guys. Setups - how are your setups? I started using the Tom97 and Jaaames setups as documented on their Youtube videos, but Jaaames uses setups similar to the top Time Trial setups - they seem to be quite similar nowadays, 2+ months after F1 2020 was released. The right setup can be more sensitive to bumps or inappropriate throttle application, but if driven smoothly can gain you another easy 0.5+ seconds per lap compared to an easier-to-drive setup. There's 1.5 seconds/lap right there! Since July, I've watched a couple of hours a week of the series from Tiametmarduk and aarava, and the setup and track guides, averaged probably 1 hr/day or more driving myself, and have gradually been increasing my AI difficulty a few percent per week, and "suddenly" I've gone from 80% - 85% to 95% - 100%. Cheers, Gordon
  3. Flash42G

    Low fuel runs and setups in My Team practice sessions.

    I believe there are two different low fuel challenges - one is to do a lap with a low fuel level; the other is to do a lap with low fuel consumption, and can only be done on the practice fuel usage test where you need to score purple to complete the challenge. Read the wording on the challenge carefully!
  4. Flash42G

    Update on Anti-cheat measures

    I agree with Sir_Overtakesalot, and this might be an appropriate place for this thread - it's not a bug, it's a hack/cheat/exploit. It is absolutely true that a couple of the last weekly events have had hackers at the top of the leaderboards; they're qualifying times are a couple of seconds ahead of all the legitimate qualy times, and their final results are over-inflated as well. It would be nice for CodeMasters to indicate what they're doing to eliminate or prevent this - at the least, they could have a person review the leaderboard results for each of PS4, XBox, and PC weekly events post-qualifying and post-race and remove the cheaters' scores and ban the cheater accounts. That would take only a couple of hours a week effort from a single individual. I think it would be entirely appropriate to ban those cheaters - I'm sure the account terms and conditions have clauses that would justify the action.
  5. Flash42G

    Invitational event suddenly very hard?

    The invitational events use your AI difficulty from your last race in the series, whether it's My Career or My Team - so if you last raced at 100 AI, then the Invitational event will have AI 100 difficulty too. In some cases, depending on the car they give you to drive and the challenge, that can be really difficult. If that's the case, you need to lower your AI difficulty before you enter the Invitational event, because it doesn't give you the opportunity when you cut in to the Invitational event.
  6. Flash42G

    Make Steam default to DX11

    No, I get his question - I always choose DX12, but I have to at a minimum click to confirm - it WOULD be nice for it to remember your selection or to be able to tell it to start with one or the other, instead of having to pick and click every time.
  7. Flash42G

    Make Steam default to DX11

    This year's game has been extremely stable with DX12. Probably the equivalent of last year's game with DX11? What's the basis for your concern, that last year's game wasn't as stable with DX12? Have you tried F1 2020 with DX12 yet, or are you just assuming it will crash more often than with DX11? Your post does not make it clear at all.
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    One comment - pause the video just before or after the point where the car lurches - all the flags on top of the paddock building to your right are pointed straight towards you, in line with the straight... If there was any wind, it would be a headwind down that straight and it would help you with extra downforce!
  9. Flash42G

    Mouse use PC

    The interface for the game is common between PC, XBox, and PS4 versions. No mouse available on 2 out of the 3 platforms... so to keep things consistent (and easy?) between the platforms, the PC version doesn't get mouse support either.
  10. Which season? In Season 2, I had regulation changes for Chassis and Durability. In watching Tiametmarduk and Aarava's Youtube videos, they had different regulation changes in Season 2, so it seams there is a randomizer at play - you'll get different ones than another player. Another thread mentioned getting 3 departments changing announced mid-way through Season 3.
  11. Flash42G

    Changing Corporate Sponsor?

    It's hidden pretty well! (easy to miss) At the end of the season, you get shown a screen with the car, and a few icons below. One of the icons is to change the engine supplier, one of the icons is to change the primary sponsor. If you just click 'Continue' past it, you're stuck for another year with both of those.
  12. Flash42G

    Formation lap on or off?

    It might be my imagination that it's due to the tire temps - but if I do the warmup lap and have my tire temps around 5C or more warmer than the AI cars, I can beat them off the start and make up a place or two on acceleration to the first corner. I wouldn't claim that I'm exceptional at starts (I'm playing in the AI 95-100 range), but I'm doing better starts since I started focusing on better tire warmup.
  13. Not getting into speculation about the FIA intent or how they will implement, but just thought this reminder would be fun - WE have Party Mode in F1 2020 ourselves! Thanks Codemasters! In a Qualifying session, you should have noted that the Fuel Mix setting is not Rich, it's MAX. This is a mode that is not available to us in practice or race sessions. Fortunately, all the teams get the same MAX fuel Mix setting. Well, not the exact same, in that the engines vary depending upon supplier and upgrades, but you know what I mean! Cheers, Gordon
  14. I'd suggest it may still just be driving technique. Upshifting at higher revs drops you into a part of the powerband with more torque; the instant shift and change in revs gives you an instant step in torque being delivered to the wheels. If you watch the track setup guides on YouTube from Tom97 or Jaaames Baldwin etc, you'll often hear them point out where an early upshift is required to avoid wheelspin and resulting car spin. Turn 2-3 in China (your test 2) is notorious for wheelspin and needs an early upshift to avoid the torque spike upsetting the car - try 3rd as soon as you apex, then early to 4th before you use full throttle. Test 1, China at end of straight, also needs early upshift, and wheel must be absolutely straight before you can use full throttle. In all the videos, you're holding steering angle while increasing throttle (it seems, can only tell for sure on the last one). Test 4, last corner at Silverstone - have to be really smooth even in the dry if you don't have a lot of downforce. As someone else pointed out, high revs upshift while cornering in the wet - yeah, you spin. You can also play with your setup - try lowering your on-throttle differential, nowadays I pretty much leave it at 50% to avoid getting too much rotation on throttle, it lets me get on throttle a bit earlier. (I'm playing around 95 AI, no assists, Fanatec wheel/pedals)
  15. Flash42G

    BIG PARTY, Force feedback issue

    Curious why you need the controller on at all? I played F1 2018 and F1 2019 on a Thrustmaster TX without ever turning on the controller - the buttons on the wheel handled everything I needed for controlling the XBox.
  16. Flash42G

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    Don't thank them too quickly - what you received is a display bug with the version 1.07 upgrade. Everybody shows a higher Resource Point Generation level on the technical departments, but the actual Resource Points received every period are the same as before you did the 1.07 patch. If you're showing RPG 1 now and you didn't upgrade from 0. then you're actually still at 0. It's a bug that was introduced with 1.07.
  17. Flash42G

    Hard tyres for qualifying

    True, but that "Hard" tire was the exact same tire that was called "Medium" one week prior at the British GP. Pirelli has a range of 5 compounds for F1, C1=hardest, C5=softest. They choose 3 compounds out of that range to represent Hard, Medium, Soft. In prior years they used 5 compounds but had SuperSoft and even UltraSoft so that each compound had it's own fixed name. For 2019 and 2020, they decided 5 names (and colours) was too complicated, and changed the system to use the same names Hard, Medium, Soft, even if the actual compound was not the same from race to race. For British GP, they used C1="Hard", C2="Medium", C3="Soft". For 70th Anniversary GP, they used C2="Hard", C3="Medium", C4="Soft" - they shifted the range by one compound. For Codemasters F1 2020, there's no need to use 5 compounds to simulate the actual Pirelli process - 3 fixed compounds for Hard, Medium, Soft being the same every race is good enough! Cheers, Gordon
  18. Flash42G

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    OK, I figured it out - did some more pauses/replays during practice and qualifying to look at that screen. In Practice or Qual, it only shows the first number under the Laps (green circle), with no delta display. The number is the laps of fuel remaining. In a race, the laps of fuel remaining (green circle) shows with the delta to race end alongside (red circle). So, 58.6 laps of fuel remaining, 0.72 more than are required to finish the 58 race laps still to complete. 👍 Cheers, Gordon
  19. Flash42G

    Formation lap on or off?

    I've paused at the green lights to check as well after driving the formation lap (use cockpit view to check, it shows the actual temperature on the steering wheel display), and the temperature advantage is the same. I haven't tried checking the comparative tire temps with formation lap off...
  20. Flash42G

    Formation lap on or off?

    I've been watching this on formation laps - 2/3 of the way through, go to instant replay, freeze it, then change to cockpit view and cycle through the grid. You can see each car's tire temps at that point (as well as their fuel loads). If the formation lap is slow the AI cars will have tire temps around 72C, and with weaving, braking, accelerating, gas/brake at the same time, I can have tire temps 10C warmer - a significant grip advantage off the start line!
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    Flash Motorsport, hired Lando for Season 2 as my team-mate. The second photo has Leclerc crashing in the background after botching Austria Turn 8!
  22. Flash42G

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    Hi PJ, Hoping you can help - I've never been able to find an explanation of all the data shown on the steering wheel display (in Cockpit view or T-cam views). Most of the fields are intuitive, or explained in guides like the ERS guide just discussed - BUT there's one number that is a mystery to me. In the box on the upper left of the display, there is speed; current lap; current position; ???, and fuel delta (same as shown on the MFD display) For example, a screen shot from a popular YouTuber who races in cockpit view, the MFD on the right of the screen shot shows Fuel Mix and a lap delta, positive or negative, for fuel vs. remaining distance during a race (ie +0.72 means that you have enough fuel to complete the race distance plus an additional 0.72 laps; -0.15 would mean you're going to hit low fuel mode on the last corner before the finish line). I've marked on this screen shot from a popular YouTuber where the MFD shows the same Fuel Delta number as is displayed in the upper left box on the steering wheel display. BUT what is the number to the immediate left of the Fuel Mix Delta number on the steering wheel display? In the screenshot (from lap 13 of a 70 lap race), that number says 58.6... 58.6 what? At a guess it might be remaining fuel quantity (gallons, liters?) Perhaps a guide explaining the steering wheel display in Cockpit view would be popular! (PS - those circled numbers can be used to predict with 100% accuracy which AI cars are going to have a mechanical failure in a MyTeam/Career race! Ask me how... 😉) Cheers, Gordon .
  23. I finished Season 2 of My Team yesterday, and with the season-end Championship Bonus was able to genuinely upgrade 2 of the technical facilities to Level 3 Resource Point Generation, from 120 to 200 points per period. The displayed 3 bars did not change, but the RPG amount displayed changed... (and I did receive the increased amount at the next period) So this is a display bug, not a 'showstopper can't get to Level 3' bug. Cheers, Gordon
  24. I noticed a similar problem - the Resource Point Generation suddenly gained a bar with the 1.07 patch for each of the technical facilities, but the RPG stayed the same. Zoltan's screen shots show 2 bars for each for RPG, but only 60 points - the amount associated with the single bar level 1 for RPG. On my mid-season 2 on MyTeam, on 1.06 I was at level 2 for 120 points per period for each of the technical facilities, but after 1.07 suddenly it shows each of them at level 3, but still 120 points per period each. The option to upgrade to the former level 3 for 200 points per period is not available. Cheers, Gordon
  25. Just a note to add that not everyone is experiencing the gearbox wear bug - I'm 17 races through Season 2 of My Team, my current gearbox (3rd of the season) has done 5 races and is at 37% wear with one durability upgrade. I easily made it through Season 1 on the 4 gearboxes, 6 races each, maximum wear was ~70% on the first one after 6 races (I run 25% distance races, all practices, short qualifying sessions. First My Team season with Honda power, second season with Mercedes power. I have ABS off and no traction control, and use rewind a few times per race. Running Windows 10 on PC, and started on July 7 on the first revision - before any patches it still didn't have a gearbox wear issue. I've also run My Career, 5 races into season one, no excessive wear on that gearbox either.