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  1. JMT325

    Question from a beginner

    Not sure what’s happening with number 1, might be a connection issue with the opponent and the system is trying to get you at the same point on the track. Number 2. It’s showing you that your power has been cut to slow you down because you either cut a corner or caused a collision. The collision penalties usually don’t last very long at all. Corner cutting penalties can be quite severe and last for several seconds.
  2. JMT325

    New update - here we go again

    The speeds are way higher which is going to require some earlier braking. There is a DRS zone at the start at Spa too, I really overshot the first corner. I also reached 231 MPH at Spa, which is 25 more than my previous top speed.
  3. JMT325


    I just won a duel against someone who had 700 more points than me. 5000ish to 4300ish. I received 30 points. I lost a duel to someone who had 350 points less. I lost 39 points. What’s the formula? At some point the risk/reward ratio makes me not want to race against people rated lower than me.