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  1. Brunobat

    Just understeer

    Thank you all for the suggestions above. Yes I did notice the braking needs a very different approach....I loaded up braking much more than in previous version and things have somewhat improved. As well as aero and handling. So I am relearning all the tracks. As an aside, did only one duel in the new game which I won - an hilarious lap of singapore where it came down to who managed to go wide less in most corners.... I guess we are all relearning eh....
  2. Brunobat

    Just understeer

    Currently at League 2. Updated last night to 2020 version, played about 15 mins and gave up as it's absolutely horrible. Using my saved setups, massive understeer in any slow to mid-speed corner, can't turn in to save my life... My times are now off at least 4-5 seconds minimum from previous. Cars now very poorly responsive, as if on extra soft springs, like driving a boat. Not good at all. Any suggestion to improve setups welcome.