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  1. I don't know, I think it will be more likely to break the physical disc version, I don't think the digital version can actually be broken as it is untangible.
  2. Actually I don't think most of the people actually desires the game to be a full simulation. I mean, a complete simulation would mean losing half of your downforce, lifting off the throttle at every bit of a fast corner, waiting 10+ laps before finally being able to perform the only or one of the 2 only overtakes you have in a race... Well then I don't think I would like the game to be a full simulation. I think that this discussion is about a compromise between a game that has to be fun yet give you the illusion of being simulative although it is not.
  3. Actually I don't know this and if this info is contained in the files I am not able to detect it. Meanings of the lines are not all upfront
  4. Analyzing the performance files of the car the choice was interesting. In 2019 we had a dirty air value of 0.9, meaning you have 90% downforce when following, and a ""drag" value of 0.85, meaning -15% resistance on the straights. In 2020 we have a dirty air value of 0.85, meaning you lose 15% downforce instead of 10, so the dirty air effect is enhanced a bit. Of course I never drove a F1 car therefore I don't know if it's realistic or not, some people say that for it to be realisticly accurate dirty air should be at 0.55 meaning you have almost half the downforce, but like this it would be
  5. I completely disagree with OP. First of all, safety car is an option and it's possible for You to turn it off without the need to take away this feature from others players. Secondly, if you play in proper leagues, the safety car is indeed an element that can let you recover from a bad race and remerge the pack as it is in real life. And also the strategy variation is a good thing, I raced in a league until few months ago and I remember preparing my 50% race strategies also considering the possibilities for a safety car in a determined lap and having B or C plans accordingly, But I a
  6. Are the minimum requirements already known for pc? So I know if I can preorder it on Steam or stick to my elder Xbox
  7. Thank you very much for your follow up, can't wait to play a full season against the a.i. with a friend of mine!
  8. Name of league Rat Bull, platform Xbox. I think I posted the code in this topic? Anyway when I search by name it doesn't appear, nor by unique code. Thank you for any update
  9. In my case, Bottas is stronger than Hamilton only in myteam and career mode. In such 2 modes yes, Bottas looks like the phenom and Hamilton the mere 2nd driver who dnfs a lot as well. On the other hand, I am currently playing the official season in "Championship" mode and after 10 rounds Hamilton is 1st and pulling away from Bottas and Lewis getting most of the poles and wins. Also the simple "Grand Prix" mode looks unaffected, with Hamilton being the man to beat and realisticly outperforming the normal drivers.
  10. Talking about force feedback sensations, I agree about 2017 being very good. In 2020 in have huge issues in actually feeling traction loss on the rear end, and when I feel it it is already to late and not gradual at all. Although with a Ts base I am able to pull off saves, counter and corrections I wasn't able to pull off with the tx (equal to T300). But I don't know if 2017 had better ffb sensations or just better car handling for my driving style. Traction control topic, I did struggle a lot before sticking to TC off, but now also thanks to this more precise and powerful wheel base I ca
  11. I will give your ffb settings a try. I am a Ts-Xw user which finds a good balance by setting it to 80-85 in game and low canned effects such as kerbs and tracks but I treat myself with a 35 damper. But my issue is feeling the rear grip loss when accelerating and feeling the traction, so I don't know if ffb settings calibrated for full TC would actually help me. I'll try and give you feedback!
  12. Description: I want to create a private league to play with a friend of mine, but he cannot join it by code. Tried two times with 2 different leagues and also tried his league, it always shows an error screen saying that there is no league corresponding to such code. In addition to this, my friend is not among the friends in the ingame invite list, where i find only 31 friends playing F1 2020 but not him. I also do not appear in his invite friends list in his league. Platform: Xbox Version 1.16 Leagues Both wired and with open nat Amount of players: 2 hu
  13. Hello everyone, I have my own list of setups that are crafted for my driving style and for race situations that I usually use in online and league racing but suitable for grand prix and career modes. At the 3rd season in career mode I decided to join Mercedes as I wanted to be able to be a championship contender. But I realized that my setups do not perform well anymore. Understeer when entering a corner, lack of traction, poor stability... I find the car almost undrivable. Could it be because aero improvements are too much? Should I run lower aero? Does more aero impact th
  14. Hello @BarryBL, any update so far? Medal targets are still unrealistic compared to performance of teams such as Ferrari, Haas and Racing Point in example. Will it be possible for them to reflect the car performance according to the performance patch? Thanks
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