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  1. I had reported it a suggestion in the beta and also in this forum, wondering why they took away from the player basic features as this
  2. I respect your opinion but I don't agree with it. As I said, I modded the game to experience the same downforce loss real drivers face, and it was a good experience, rewarding in some ways, but I wouldn't define it fun. The amount of understeer was insane and following was very hard, as it should be in real life, but I imagine many people wouldn't find it fun and rewarding. Maybe if the game implemented a realistic dirty air and slipstream that you could turn on and off or toggle I would try it but if I had only one option to choose I would go with the current values of this game rather than b
  3. I think that's because the damage of the rear wing didn't look realistic at all. But they could've kept the sidepods scratch and damage visually
  4. Yes, that's why I thought it had to be reported. If needed i will add another clip
  5. A detailed description of the issue: when playing with "auto-reset to track" and collisions on, after the first time you are reset to the track, you are not able to collide with any other car, as collisions where turned off, but they are not. This is a game breaking issue for those want to get rid of flashbacks and try another softer recovery method before turning everything off. Please note that this happens also a lap after being reset to track, therefore this is not due to having been just reset to track as on the clip sent. Report Code: XVCR-TBAS-STTD-GCJG Platform? Xbox Series
  6. The value this year and 2020 is of 0.9 drag under slipstream and 0.85 lift, meaning that on the straights you lose a 10% drag when following (+10% top speed) but you also lose 15% downforce which has an effect when following in turns. I recall that in 2019 there was something like 0.83 or 0.85 under slipstream on the straights thus more top speed
  7. Yes, I do understand your point of view! I play with no mechanical assists as well and working on getting rid of the racing line. The best would be that at least in single player we could adjust the amount of dirty air in game. I like realism too but I think that too much realism will not please all players. Or course I am just a player but all of us do need to compromise, I would love it to be fully simulative but still happy that this year they gave us even more options for us to customize our gameplay
  8. Because all in all it is still a game, therefore supposed to be fun and for our enjoyment. They are trying to get rid of dirty air in real life too with the new regulations, as per my experience dirty air in game is a good compromise between a loss of performance but still having fun racing
  9. Had floor damage but not sure if it could be related to kerbs. I'll try and let you know!
  10. I tried with a pc mod that I made myself to experience different values of dirty air and slipstream. It was interesting but I wouldn't define it fun, I liked the experience but I wouldn't enjoy it in a game long term
  11. I am playing on Xbox Series S and didn't have any issue with damage so far. Sometimes I got rear wing damage by hitting a wall with my rear end, sometimes even sidepod damage and underbody, playing on simulation for both parameters. Only issue was a little bit of damage to my front wing that was only a tad bit of a lighter green compared to the other front wing side on the Mfd and it was confirmed during the beta program that the color scale is based on the damage percentage. The only thing missing is visual damage, and if compared to the beta I am actually fine with the fact that the rea
  12. I confirm Tsunoda, I was playing at level 95-100 to start and Tsunoda and myself had a race in a league of our own but ultimately couldn't beat him, we gave about 10 seconds to the 3rd one
  13. About dirty air, would you really enjoy losing 45% of your downforce when following another car for the sake of realism?
  14. The improved AI is fantastic and actually making single player worthy this year, as they do make mistakes and can even crash more compared to 2020. I play mostly single player offline due to my everyday schedule therefore I am happy about them being more aggressive and actually trying harder, this along with the increased safety car makes you feel that you can also recover from your mistakes waiting for an opportunity
  15. Let me know as I am not sure either, I played few times with the F2 cars but a month ago I had a friendly race in my leagues where we did use the F2 cars in F1 2020 and I remember sometimes not being able to downshift when I wanted to achieve some extra rotation, so I assumed it was due to the revs
  16. I remember that in F1 2020 it happened with F2 cars, you could not downshift if the revs were too high and this is carried onto 2021
  17. Hi! I am on Xbox Series S and just started a driver career in F2 3 races. When pausing I have mid session save, I was afraid not to have it after reading this topic as I like to play long races but saving mid session if needed. I can confirm it is still there, will provide a pic tomorrow.
  18. It was already reported as a bug and currently under a fix by the developers
  19. I am sure that if you bought it from official sellers you are able to obtain a refund if you played it for less than 2 hours and not satisfied. I did so with some games both on Xbox and Steam, if you don't like a game I understand the disappointment as it didn't live up to your expectation but in this case the best for you will be to get a refund and move on
  20. I would like to be able to turn off ghosting in single player for the sake of realism. This would make room for more AI collisions and more chances of recovering from a mistake. In F1 2020 i ran a league with a friend of mine against the other 18 AI bots with ghosting turned off, and it gave us a little bit more DNFS and collisions, making it funnier. Adding this option to the single player career modes would be a nice addition.
  21. In 2020 there was the useful feature "hide menu" by keeping a button pressed so you could actually see the camera angle and it was very useful for customization. Now in 2021 this feature isn't there anymore and it is way more difficult to customize the camera view.
  22. Thing is that simply You cannot drive the same way you drove in 2020. Handling feels better in 2021 in my opinion and suits my driving style more.
  23. I don't know, I think it will be more likely to break the physical disc version, I don't think the digital version can actually be broken as it is untangible.
  24. Actually I don't think most of the people actually desires the game to be a full simulation. I mean, a complete simulation would mean losing half of your downforce, lifting off the throttle at every bit of a fast corner, waiting 10+ laps before finally being able to perform the only or one of the 2 only overtakes you have in a race... Well then I don't think I would like the game to be a full simulation. I think that this discussion is about a compromise between a game that has to be fun yet give you the illusion of being simulative although it is not.
  25. Actually I don't know this and if this info is contained in the files I am not able to detect it. Meanings of the lines are not all upfront
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