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  1. i agree, as I would love to practice grand prix with equal cars performances so I can get ready for my league races without having somebody else playing with me in a lobby.
  2. Thank You, Janbonator! Yesterday I tested this in Bahrain, for which I had already lots of data gathered for my league training and preparation. Last week I tried a setup with suspensions 1-3 and bars 5-8 or 6-8, I always have them close to each other because I am afraid of oversteer and losing the rear end of the car, but always stiffer on the rear, and I almost convinced myself that I would have played with traction control on medium on Sunday, because stability and reliability about not spinning were worth the trade with potential 1-2 tenths per lap where I would be tense all the time and m
  3. So, I studied a lot of setups guides and I figured out where to intervene for understeer, oversteer and so on. I also learned that a setup with harder fronts can help with traction and flooring the gas without being afraid of spinning: harder suspensions and bars on the front and softer rear can help you with it, but at the cost of potential understeer. Now, rotation is very important and most of the setups, also for race and not time trial, do use a harder rear, in example suspensions 1-3 and bars 3-9. So, if I do want to address my traction problem I know I have to be harder o
  4. Hello! I always wondered why the traction control assist can be full, medium and then off without a "low" level. I am stuck in between always using "off" but being constantly terrified about possible spinning, and when I play on "medium" it's too much, sometimes I feel like I am driving a boat and cannot exploit feathering the throttle for gaining some extra rotation mid corner. Could it be a feature for next patches? I would achieve my comfort zone!
  5. Hello, first of all I am enjoying this game putting hours and hours of entertainment and I am thankful for Codemasters'efforts. Yet, I have to say this happened to me in a 50% race just now: I was fighting in the low field, p15-16 and was stuck lapped in bewteen the main leaders; safety car came out and I was still blue flagged stuck between p3 and p4. Not being possible to overtake and unlap myself, at the end of the safety car all the drivers in front of me managed to make the train behind the safety car thus making me 1 lap behind everyone except one single driver. This ruined my race
  6. Happened to me as well, I just got back to the main manu, reloaded and sorted it out
  7. Hello, Xbox 1.02 user, got this also racing online, I would like to add that even if I select the proposed strategy or the second one with zero stops, then for some minutes when pressing the vocal command button (to prompt a manual pit stop and a manual tyre selection) it keeps giving me the alternative strategy display, making it impossible to manually select a tyre compound and asking to pit
  8. Same on Xbox and also for a period of time unable to press the vocal command button to pit and select tyres manually as the bugged alternative strategy is the only thing I can select
  9. Or option 6: resurrection aof the winning and starpower version of a current team who isn't living up to its glorious somehow recent past, such as McLaren Mercedes at the end of the 90s or Mecachrome Williams mid-90. Storyline wise you can pretend something happened about ownerships and a former owner or manager recreates that team to compete with the current one which ruined its name and history, so we can picture the black-white-silver "West" McLaren Mercedes or the typical Blue Williams competing with their current counterparts. That being said, I think I will resurrect the yellow Lotu
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