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  1. Updated yesterday, now I m playing online and in 5 minutes it kicked me out of the lobby stating I had to sign in to Xbox live and with me all of us, 4 participants... Please look into this issue
  2. HenricusVonG

    Horrible FPS and FFB after re-joining

    I was about to report the same issue; Xbox One user, this happens when someone wants to join our lobby for free practice after the session has already started, we do experience an awful framerate and horrible FFB, unusually strong; I am a Thrustmaster TMX user but this happens also to my league-mates regardless of their input machine.
  3. HenricusVonG

    Brake red lights

    Aaah, thank you very much! This makes everything clearer!
  4. HenricusVonG

    Brake red lights

    Hello everyone, why there are no red lights on the back of the cars in front of me when they brake? This would help avoid lots of collisions as you would be aware if the driver in front of you is braking, especially in turn 1 or safety car situations. Am I missing something and-or I am the only one that would need this feature?
  5. HenricusVonG

    Game assists. OP?

    Agree, I am a decent driver myself without assists but with abs, tc on medium and automatic shift I can shove 6 tenths. It should be the other way around!
  6. HenricusVonG

    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

    Hello, first of all I am enjoying this game putting hours and hours of entertainment and I am thankful for Codemasters'efforts. Yet, I have to say this happened to me in a 50% race just now: I was fighting in the low field, p15-16 and was stuck lapped in bewteen the main leaders; safety car came out and I was still blue flagged stuck between p3 and p4. Not being possible to overtake and unlap myself, at the end of the safety car all the drivers in front of me managed to make the train behind the safety car thus making me 1 lap behind everyone except one single driver. This ruined my race and immersion with no possibility of recovering whatsoever. Sorting this out will make a better experience for us players, especially those of us who like to play long immersive races.
  7. A detailed description of the issue. Using a wheel, it's not possible to view our personal license from the main menu, due to the fact wheel has no button coded to act as the controller left analog stick 2. Platform xbox one 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.05 4. Game-mode? Main menu 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. Always happens when in main menu 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue. Do you have the latest drivers? Have you check your connectivity settings? 7. Please provide a video recording of your game crashing so we can see where the issue occurs? First picture with Xbox one controller, second picture with Tmx wheel by Thrustmaster.
  8. Hello, I have a Thrustmaster Tmx and I am experiencing this when under braking and turning. At first I thought about reaching the grip limit with abs off, but in 2019 it didn't do that. I play with all assists off and ffb setting around 80-85, on track 35, kerbs 30, off track 25, damper 5 understeer enhancement off; control panel settings ffb 100, damper 100 and orhers at default - platform Xbox version 1.05 but occurring since the beginning.
  9. Hello, this is not really a bug but I'd like to report some off-putting Italian translation in the podium pass. "Non-comune guanti" should be: "Guanti non comuni" "Raro guanti" should be "Guanti rari" "Epico guanti" should be "Guanti epici" "Raro posa" should be "Posa rara" "non comune posa" should be "Posa non comune" "Epico posa" should be "posa epica" "Epico tuta" = "Tuta epica" "Non-comune livrea" = "Livrea non comune" "Raro livrea" = "Livrea rara" "Epico livrea" - "Livrea epica" Also "Leggendario posa" should be "posa leggendaria" thus following the scheme above. Today I saw in the podium pass "Pistolerp" which has a typo as should be "Pistolero", although he just flexes his muscles so nothing to do with guns or gun men. And so on. Not a majour issue but I'd like to report and help
  10. Happened to me as well, I just got back to the main manu, reloaded and sorted it out
  11. I have to agree on this. I am an average player but I like to exploit the car to the fullest of my possibilities by playing with all mechanical assists off. After multiple tests and attempts in switching between tc off and medium and abs on and off, I figured out that with abs on I gain 5-6 tenths per lap, assuming and presumptuously thinking it's not due to me not being able to master obs off, as in 2019 i was able to drive with abs off and actually gaining time compared to abs on, as with abs off you can use all braking power. My thought is that so far what's missing is the feeling of reward of pulling off better lap times due to assists off, and if I can exploit full braking power with abs on thus being able to apply full brake more effectively when cornering then something looks like a put-off to me, as there will be no point in practicing with assists off if all in all I will have no advantage from it. I will pursue assists off in single player, but as I am part of a league where restrictions are traction control on medium or less and abs can be on, there is no point in playing with assists off when you cannot be competitive. That's my 2 cents as a middle-class maybe just a bit above average driver, not a pro or a Youtuber but part of the greater audience that Codemasters look for pleasing with the game.
  12. What version of the game did you purchase DELUXE EDITION Was this a digital or boxed version of the game? - DIGITAL FROM MICROSOFT STORE If digital, when was the original purchase made? - July 1st Have you attempted to purchase any coin packs? No, I have not Game Tag: Henricus B12
  13. Hello, Xbox 1.02 user, got this also racing online, I would like to add that even if I select the proposed strategy or the second one with zero stops, then for some minutes when pressing the vocal command button (to prompt a manual pit stop and a manual tyre selection) it keeps giving me the alternative strategy display, making it impossible to manually select a tyre compound and asking to pit
  14. HenricusVonG

    Parc fermé not working properly

    Hello, as per what I know in 2019 you could not change tyre pressure and it remained the same in 2020, despite tyres being phisically replaceable at any moment.
  15. Same on Xbox and also for a period of time unable to press the vocal command button to pit and select tyres manually as the bugged alternative strategy is the only thing I can select