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  1. My Thrustmaster TX Leather edition is not properly recognized. The Leather edition is the TX Wheel base with the TM 28 wheel. The game does come with a preset for the TM 28 wheel with Thrustmatter TX required. Expected result: When connecting TX wheel base the game should show Green A, Red B, Yellow Y, blue X for the interface Actual result: The game shows 9,10,3,5 on the interface reproduce: simply connect the TX wheel base and start the game Strangely the cheaper TMX does get recognized by the game as Xbox device The TX is like this: Especially frustrating is that ingame options say you are not allowed to keybind menu navigation. So my situation is that I know I should use red B for back. My TM 28 wheel shows red B at the top right (button 9). However the ingame settings uses button 4 which is printed on the wheel as the xbox switch window button (!). Specs: TX wheel base (not working xbox UI): https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/txracingwheelleather-en/ TMX wheel base (working xbox UI): https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tmxforcefeedback-en/ DxDiag.txt hardwaresettings.zip
  2. Hi, no problem thanks for your advise. Steam is reporting back: all files successfully validated. No files were replaced. I will send the email :).
  3. I deleted all entries from the ingame controller page I disconnected all controllers I shut down the game I removed the drivers I restarted the game to be sure I rebooted I downloaded the drivers from the thrustmaster website I installed the drivers I rebooted again I connected the wheel as requested I tested (OK) I went to my games and deleted the hardware xml from the folder I started the game Unfortunately I am still not getting xbox recognized controls. Also tried deleting hardware_settings_info.xml and restarting the game. Is there a a way I can file a ticket directly with codemasters? Maybe they broke this wheel in a patch.
  4. Hi Steviejay, I'm not happy with that advice because it's so much effort to setup :P. But when I check youtube for a TX I sometimes see proper xbox support I guess I will try to screenshot all settings.
  5. exchequer

    Low GPU usage on track

    Hmm if you have vsync disabled then having 98% GPU usage is normal. If you get anything less you either have an fps cap (such as vsync) or your CPU is limiting your performance.
  6. exchequer

    Is there a way to edit weather in "leagues"?

    I am also experiencing difficulties with the League weather system. In 50% of our races we had rain (!). We stopped using the league system because of this and reverted to unranked friends-only sessions. Pleas fix :).