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  1. IvorQ

    Commendation: Good Driver

  2. IvorQ

    Sochi Sprint

    I figured it was because the race starts the same time before the start line so at Sochi it is a couple of corners back. Never timed them though.
  3. IvorQ


    I loath Monaco! My time is measured by a calendar! I have not yet managed to get round the Grand Hotel turn or Rascasse without rubbing against the barrier. I think I have a car that is using an Indy 500 steering rack!
  4. IvorQ


    I touch the barriers so much they have fitted paint brushes to my car!
  5. IvorQ

    Just understeer

    I have deduced that if you improve aero then turn in on fast corners is good. However, turn in on slow corners and breaking on slow corners is woolly without handling boosted. Just like the real thing! 😳
  6. You know guys; the unnecessary icons that appear beside the three setups in R&D. What are they meant to do? I have 3 setups. 1. "as much power as I can get", 2. "balanced power, aero and handling etc." and 3. "Learner driver max handling, max brakes, max aero and min power" for Monaco. So the icons go, balanced, balanced and speed! Can we have 1, 2 and 3 again please? Pretty please. 🙋‍♀️
  7. IvorQ

    2020 SETUP

    I does not say that in the in game Help bit. It says " AERO: Increasing your car's aerodynamic efficiency improves its vertical load, therefore giving your acceleration levels a boost." In reality Aero increases drag but in F1M it appears to improve acceleration. It also probably makes DRS more noticeable.
  8. After serious thought on the characteristics of the 2020 cars I have 3 new setups and I have set 4 new PB times in the last 3 days so the 2020 engine does work. 😀 Anyone else improving times?
  9. IvorQ

    Brake instead of steering.

    Bump --- Do any other Samsung S8 Mobile players get this?
  10. With random regularity I find my left or right hard turn becoming a brake peddle. Just recently at Interlagos in the infield whilst trying for full right lock I got a brake peddle and wound up going straight into the bank. Codemasters, Please advise how to stop this.
  11. IvorQ

    After update game is unplayable

    Yes I am afraid you did. You are on opposite lock and the front wheels are on white road. Your whole car was off the track. Never mind.