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  1. Having fun in Jeddah (all vanilla game except lewis's LGBT+ helmet)
  2. i hope we will get both redbull livery because having only the white annoys me a bit
  3. youre telling me that clay regazzoni was a weebo? understandable have a good day
  4. ill use the post for asking...if the livery is one off and we will get it on the next update...we well get both the classic and this one?
  5. As we know F2 2021 season is going to be added soon...so my questions are...the driver lineup will be the one at the start of the season?? and...will we get the 3 races format like irl or we will remain with the 2 one like 2020 and 2022?
  6. thx for the advice...i'll learn from that and great picture
  7. Having fun in Russia (and abu dhabi) @PJTierneyany advice? (no graphic mod used...the only mod is the mission winnow skin for the SF21)
  8. well, as bisex firstly thx for your support...second i want that rainbow too LMAO. didn't actually know that in career were given 100xp for each lap...i'll do more for the next podium pass
  9. ive the same issue with the lap in front only 5 counted instead of 20+(?)
  10. Hi all guys im enjoying the new game a lot so far...but tbh i want to know any tips to complete the podium pass faster (actually im like level 20) thx anyone stay safe Edit: thx a lot for the suggestion, really appreciated
  11. I'm too and honestly I think we cannot use keyboard because we don't have 3d moment with that
  12. Mmhh have you got a controller? I Always use my Xbox controller because with both wheel and keyboard I cannot move in the photomode too
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