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  1. Capi64 SR

    F2 2020 ?

    Hi huys i wanted to know when, apriximately, the F2 Cars will come out...i know that there's covid and all related things but i'm just curious beacuse i can't wait to try them
  2. Capi64 SR

    Driver Number.

    64 cause is my birth day reversed 4th June...never liked to race with 46 because i don't like when people are telling me that i use it for valentino rossi and as an italian you can imagine it's frequent (also for my surname that's similar to capirossi)
  3. Capi64 SR

    F1 2020 Podium Pass Saving

    Hi all as you know F1 2020 has podium pass and when you go on it everytime you got an autosave so my question is... there's a way you can disable it (i've already disable autosave on the game)? is possibile to "remove" podium pass function? TBH i'm getting a bit mad cause i don't like autosave or things like battle pass..i know that's pretty good and i've also unlocked few good things with the premium one but i don't like these things (yeah i know, i'm crazy or something else, don't hate/blame plz)
  4. Capi64 SR

    F1 2020 Game Covers

    there's no back cover...and i need only the cover art not the full box
  5. Capi64 SR

    F1 2020 Game Covers

    Hi, i've searched it but the only thing i found is the front page from codie blog or amazon and i can't print them
  6. Capi64 SR

    F1 2020 Game Covers

    Hi all guys...this year, for the first time since 2009 i bought F1 game in digital but cause i've collection i really want the complete cover, is there anybody can scan me thier one pls...? All platform, version and country is ok...many thanks ❤️
  7. Capi64 SR

    F1 2020 My Team Hubert Tribute

    Has anyone of you choose Anthoine Hubert for his team? i've chosen Ghiotto cause i wanted to make a full italian team and also beacause having Anthoine will make me a lot sad cause he was one of my favourite driver and miss him a lot, anyway for the one who chose him, did the game shows up the tribute notification or anuthing else? I'm curious...let me now and apologize for my bad english ❤️
  8. Capi64 SR

    Latifi in F2?

    cause the game has (for now) the f2 2019 driver roaster so you can choose him as well the other drivers
  9. Capi64 SR

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    it will be the same with the racenet livery? cause i didnt know that i thought something happen to my game lmao