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  1. Hi @PJTierney, It's definitely something many of us want. I personally recently bought a triple screen set-up and can tell you from experience that playing dirt rally on triples versus other games that support multi-view is a noticeable difference in terms of immersion. I'm still enjoying dirt rally 2 as is, but sometimes feel a little sick when an object or curb is moving from a side screen to the middle one, because the distortion on the secondary screens. It's also very hard to estimate the size of the car since the image is stretched. I can tell you for a fact that triple screen support would add a lot of value for those who invested in 3 screens and am hoping it will make business sense for Codemasters as well as something that the team would like to do, because while we have many games that do offer triple screen support, we have no Rally game to do so. Would "pretty please" work? Thanks