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  1. The pop in is very intense on Xbox, things appear 50m infront of you like shadows buildings trees etc.
  2. I had the wet WR on xbox for about 15 mins 😍
  3. Staying in 4th gear helps, you have to be patient there.
  4. The track is really good. The kerbs are usable it reminds me of an F1 2020 track.
  5. So the game is still unplayable for many, but we have a green safety car. Excellent.
  6. Do Thurstmaster wheels still get force feedback cut outs or was this fixed with this patch @BarryBL
  7. PSGL Tier 1 pulls more viewers than the official esports series btw, it's a great advert for the true stability of the game.
  8. Are the FFB issues with Thrustmaster wheels rectified with this patch @BarryBL?
  9. That is the handling model change. Literally says it right there.
  10. Before the race there used to be the list of names for all players in the lobby, for some reason this has been removed. It's now impossible to tell who it is that has jammed up the lobby/readied up before the host. Please add back in the list of names pre race for spectators.
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