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  1. Will the next patch actually fix thrustmaster wheels?
  2. I'm actually going to persue this. Let's get started. I need a refund as the game does not work and both codemasters and xbox are refusing. “Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, digital content should be of a satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. My rights have been breached because the digital content you sold me is faulty. I would like you to fix it within a reasonable time.” If no response is recieved to this message I'll look to go further.
  3. My post not been approved but this issue is still not fixed even after updating the firmware on the wheel. FFB still cuts out at around the 45 minute/1 hour mark. Is this with devs again or will it just be ignored?
  4. https://twitter.com/TMThrustmaster/status/1472975195312959493?t=2uV5VrDVAPj4jyRuZ8ebnA&s=19
  5. Worried that 22 will be on EGO 4. If it is expect more of the same.
  6. When will Thrustmaster wheels be fixed? Almost 6 months down the line and total silence on this issue.
  7. RLLL

    F2 2021

    Let's not get too sidetracked, will F2 2021 cars be coming to the game or not?
  8. So in essence, codemasters sold us half a broken product and will get away with it and keep my money, despite the product not being fit for purpose. I've bought every F1 game since 2010. Way to treat your loyal customers. Embarrassing, I almost feel bad for EA buying into this.
  9. I've reported this thousands of times and still not had an answer. This bug was first reported 5 months ago during the BETA testing of this game. It's unlikely itll ever be fixed.
  10. Been told by Xbox I've played the game too much for them to give me a refund. Been told my codemasters they dont issue refunds as it was purchased from Microsoft. No accountability from anyone. CM took our money gave us half a game and do not care at this point. The devs should be ashamed.
  11. If there is someone top of the leaderboard whose name is f1 cheats and it's clearly much faster than the game should be it should of already been removed. Codemasters dont care.
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