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  1. Are we likely to see a patch this week?
  2. A little more transparency from CM would be welcomed by everyone. A roadmap for patches would be great. Also some sort of list of issues that are being prioritised. It sounds like old xboxs have got it pretty rough.
  3. You really don't. Just adjust it until it looks right.
  4. I dont get the audio glitches as I'm on the Series S Xbox. It seems to be affecting the old gen Xboxs. The sound overall is much better than last year. The cars have much more depth to them, and the sounds of cars alongside and around you are much better. The issues I've seen have been in spectator mode, the max RPM glitch and sometimes only electric noise from the cars. I do think that the cars sound a bit more synthesized when over revving as someone mentioned in a reply further up, it sounds a bit like auto tune but only for a split second. There was a much more analogue sou
  5. Just adjust it until it looks right. I find a smaller FOV is better because it gives a slower look to the game and let's me focus more. The wider the FOV the faster the game will feel.
  6. 100% there was a tyre wear tab. If you weaved around too much on a formation lap it would add wear. Does this mean that you cant get tyre wear during formation laps now?
  7. Indeed, but not enough. Focus has to be on next gen, sorry xbox one owners but time to move on. As long as the old gen is supported we wont see any real progress. Bin it off and focus on new gen consoles, rebuild from ground up and get set up properly for the next 5 years. EAs frostbite?
  8. EGO engine first used in 2007. You could buy PS2 games in 2007, that's 3 generations of console ago.
  9. As detailed in this thread that was overlooked. It was always there in former games, seems a really pointless thing to of removed and should be easy to put back into the game.
  10. A detailed description of the issue. You are unable to see your tyre wear on the MFD during formation laps. This was a tab in all previous F1 games. Report Code N/A Platform? Xbox Series S Game-mode? Social play 18 min quali 50% race / All modes [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. Nobody could check their tyre wear during formation in my party of 6 people. [ONLINE] Were you the host? Yes [PC ONLY] Pleas
  11. Low res shadow on rear wings on Xbox Series S. Looks exactly like these examples, spikey edges and glitchy in appearance when moving.
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