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    SSR F1 - TIER 2

    https://www.twitch.tv/safespaceracing http://safespaceracing.co.uk
  2. zampa

    SSR F1 - TIER 3

    https://www.twitch.tv/safespaceracing http://safespaceracing.co.uk
  3. zampa


    https://www.twitch.tv/safespaceracing http://safespaceracing.co.uk
  4. until
    https://www.twitch.tv/safespaceracing http://safespaceracing.co.uk
  5. zampa

    SSR F1 - TIER 2

    https://www.twitch.tv/safespaceracing http://safespaceracing.co.uk
  6. zampa

    SSR F1 - TIER 1

    https://www.twitch.tv/safespaceracing http://safespaceracing.co.uk
  7. zampa

    Steering wheel problems

    @SzilágyiZsolt try using the pedals.
  8. zampa

    Export/Save Race Results

    Please add a function to save/export race results after each session! Simple and basic text file/spreadsheet would be amazing.
  9. zampa

    Export Highlights/Images

    Ability to save/export photos/highlights directly from the game instead of having to use the xbox screenshot function. Perhaps even save images as renders in higher res than display output? Also ability to turn off the F1 watermark when taking images its unnecessary as the photo is clearly from the game. Please!
  10. zampa

    Multiplayer Connection Issue

    I think it just happens sometimes, especially if your connection to the host is in the red. You could have the best internet connection in the world but if the host of the lobby has Tesco Wifi it means nothing. Keep trying different lobbies or maybe host one yourself. Good luck!
  11. zampa

    Multiplayer Connection Issue

    What console are you on? Is it wifi or wired? Maybe check nat type or firewall? You probably know all of this but it's worth a try. It is odd how sometimes the game boots you out of the lobby when you lag, or keeps you in but in your own parallel lobby racing ghosts.
  12. zampa

    Multiplayer Connection Issue

    If everyone leaves the lobby one after the other and it migrates host, it means you are the one that has lagged out. Check connection etc.
  13. When you pit during the race onto used tyres you don't know which set you'll get or how much wear is on them until you've put them on. Instead of saying New/Used could it possibly say New/45% for example? The option to pit without changing tyres would be very useful too.
  14. zampa

    F1 2021 game

    I've never spent a penny extra on Fifa and I still win. (sometimes)
  15. zampa

    Nerf the Assists

    There has never been a better game to learn no assists on than this one, it's not easy but compared to last years game it is a breeze.
  16. DRS is enabled at Lap 3, presuming no Safety Car happens. Does the same thing happen in a wet race when there is no DRS enabled? Would be a good way to test that theory.
  17. This was the best workaround I could find, I haven't tried it with a spectator as host for a while as the fix was found. Can try to replicate with spec as host next week and see what happens.
  18. zampa

    Nerf the Assists

    Yeah 100%, the force feedback in corners feels so different with ABS off. The less assists you run the more potential is unlocked in the car. Almost impossible to run the kerbs at Spa with ABS on, with it off you can drive over them easy.
  19. For spectators/streamers if you want the lights to go out correctly the host of the lobby needs to be a driver. If a spectator is the host the lights will not work properly.
  20. zampa

    Nerf the Assists

    ABS off affects more than just the brakes, it makes the whole car have much more grip and turn in a lot more.
  21. zampa

    Car speed balance

    How are we able to do 1.24's at Bahrain on F1 2020, yet the newer F1 2021 cars are struggling to beat a 1.30 in real life? Is the game much faster than it should be or are the F1 cars this year just terribly slow?
  22. zampa

    Weekly event not following real f1 schedule?

    It never has followed the real schedule. If it did, we wouldnt of had weekly events for the last 5 months!
  23. It's almost certainly Assetto Corsa I was wrong in thinking it was 2021. The engine sound is the giveaway.
  24. Jeddah Street Circuit layout presentation.mp4
  25. zampa

    Equal car performance in GP mode

    Unfortunately there is no way to do this on your own, you would need another player to join the session.