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  1. zZ A M P Aa

    ERS Overtake Glitch

    Seen this happen too. There is something going on where the game makes it's own decisions about button presses, sometimes it will change camera or put you on spectator on another car other than your own.
  2. zZ A M P Aa

    F1 network connection issue

    Check your firewall settings and make sure your NAT is open
  3. zZ A M P Aa

    Steering Issue

    This is the screen I mean. Also make sure your control scheme is just the default one.
  4. zZ A M P Aa

    Steering Issue

    Properly weird it must be something to do with the controller or PS4 surely? Have you resynced the controllers with the PS4? When you are on the calibration screen what happens when you move the stick left and right on the steering input test meter? Does it make erratic movements there?
  5. zZ A M P Aa

    Game release

    How are people already moaning about the next game 😂
  6. zZ A M P Aa

    Steering Issue

    Does it do it on any other racing games?
  7. zZ A M P Aa

    Podium pass 5?

    Will probably have a week or 2 break between seasons like previous podium passes. Season 5 will prob come with a patch too, likely this will be the last major update to the game with F1 21 around the corner.
  8. zZ A M P Aa

    Track situation for F1 2021

    I think whatever tracks are confirmed for the real season will be in the game next year. They added vietnam and zandvoort didnt they? They also fixed and modified a few other tracks for this years game. They will also know a lot more inside info than any of us. Have faith.
  9. zZ A M P Aa

    F2 cars in League mode?

  10. zZ A M P Aa

    F2 cars in League mode?

    Thanks for your responses 🤝
  11. zZ A M P Aa

    F2 cars in League mode?

    Ok well I hope whoever buys up codies in the end does the right thing by you and your team, this game got me through 2020. You able to comment on f1 21 at all?
  12. zZ A M P Aa

    Podium Pass Season 4

    Not confirmed but 99% sure there will be one. I'd imagine Season 4 will be the last one too
  13. I was in this lobby too, never seen anything like it.
  14. zZ A M P Aa

    F2 cars in League mode?

    So when you say future titles you are sort of confirming that codemasters will be making more than just the next F1 game? Will you continue to operate as codemasters under the ea umbrella? @BarryBL