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  1. Turboignited

    Car radio please on PS4

    The previous dirt game had much more exciting music but lately it seems to have been overlooked. If radio were to be made available then presumably it would be an added feature. I'm not talking boy car blaring music but soothing tunes to hype the spirits.
  2. Turboignited

    Car radio please on PS4

    The commentator should be a DJ tbh
  3. Turboignited

    Car radio please on PS4

    Cool I haven't played tlou2 yet. Did you ever play grand THEFT auto? They have some fun radio stations which is what I was getting at.
  4. Turboignited

    Car radio please on PS4

    Which games?
  5. I haven't managed to get any music onto my ps4 yet but should I be able to I want to be able to listen to it while driving. I don't have the speaker telling me what to do as its a bit repetitive. Much like GTA allows custom radio stations I would like this in Dirt. Maybe you already allow music to play while the game is playing?