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  1. Hi guys, My name is Rudo, I am 58 years old and live in the Netherlands. I started racing back in 1998 with a Logitech Force Feedback Wheel and Codemasters TOCA and Colin McRae Rally. After a while I switched to Microsoft Flightsimulator and much later to XPlane on Mac. In 2017 I picked up racing again with Project Cars 1 on Playstation 4. I got myself a RSeat RS1 and a Logitech G29. Pretty soon I switched to Fanatec CSW V2, Formula Black rim, V3 pedals and a SQ shifter. Because of renovations to my house I was not able to put this rig in any room so it moved to storage. Last month I sold my RSeat and bought a CSL Elite PS4 and now it al lives on my desk. I play Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa and F1 2019. I am just beginning to learn the tracks and getting to know the cars. I have been playing Real Racing 3 for 7 years now so some tracks I know. I do not use assists which is not a problem. I like to drive in cockpit view, although I am faster in TV pod view 😉
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    Hello from the Netherlands

    Myrealracing.club there are also some Facebook groups you can join. Other groups are not public. But you could apply for membership.
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    Hello from the Netherlands

    For Real Racing 3 we have a nice community that shares tips and tricks and organises events and time trials. Most of the members are 40 years and up ;-) So it is not just for them youngsters...
  4. Wenn die doppelt belegt sind ist Lösen in das MFA Shortcuts die einzige lösung? Oder nicht?
  5. And when you do not use the controller as headset? Could you make a screenshot from the "Steuerungsschema"? I can imagine that there is a conflict between the buttons and that the buttons on the Formula v2 wheel take priority over the buttons on the controller.
  6. "Differential erhöht" wählen und auf "X Lösen drücken" ... damit erscheint "Nicht zugewiesen" wenn alles gut geht.