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  1. A question would there be any chance of having a PS4 update for Heavy Rain as it sometimes makes the game completely unusable as you cannot see the track at all it appears randomly on any stage whether it be day or night and it stops you from playing watch link
  2. 08-00 in UK still no data cannot login wont load my clubs hope this get sorted soon any chance @PJTierney
  3. |It's a pity that the updates have stopped as the main one should have been correcting the heavy rain fault on the PS 4 sometimes it's impossible to complete a stage because the rain graphics are so bad and so spasmodic example, sevice 3 stages and stage 3 has heavy rain thats the event over as you have no chance of correcting as you cannot see where you are going.
  4. I have entered the WERC Rally Championship 2021 Dirt Rally 2.0 my problem is even though I have installed Discord and Twitcher I still don't know how to download my videos to either of those two sites in order to comply with the rules can anybody help please.
  5. Hi is anybody having problems loading https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/274314 all I'm getting is a black screen and a red spinning circle top right corner.
  6. It would have been nice if in this latest update there had been more support given to all wheels used I have a PS recognised wheel ie PS4 Gaming Steering Racing Wheel and Pedals - Wireless RWA Apex by Hori , but this still does give me reverse gear still very frustrating, I don't understand why you persist in only the 3 major brands it is only in Dirt Rally, works OK in F1 2019 and all other WRC games .
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