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  1. The patch 1.05 is now indeed out for Xbox. And for me the game is now working online!
  2. So @Hoo @BarryBL. The patch notes for patch 1.05 did not contain the fixes that you’ve described above. So when the patch does come out, could you guys inform us if the patch did go trough on this particular patch.
  3. Country: The Netherlands ISP: Ziggo Connection type: Wired cable Modem model: Ziggo connectbox Summary of intersocket to xbox. I’ve got a modem set downstairs, in which a wired cable goes up to my xbox. So it’s a direct wired cable from the modem up to the xbox. Reported NAT type: Open
  4. Report code: DJMR-TPVE-KJGA-GBJG I’m not sure if you want me to elaborate on the issue, as many have addressed the problem. On my screen I get a host migration and everyone leaves, but I am the one who losses connection. I am with them in a party and they all got the notification that I left instead of the other way around. I was not the host platform: XBOX SERIES X FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Hi, I’m experiencing this problem as well. I join a multiplayer lobby, and after maximum 2 minutes I get kicked out. This also happens when I play 2 player career mode with a friend. In both cases you need to be online of course. A detailed description of the issue: I join a multiplayer lobby, and after maximum 1minute a message shows up at the bottom of the screen saying migrating host, and then all the messages of players in the lobby leaving, and you’re left with a session full of AI drivers. This also happens when I play 2 player career mode with a
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