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  1. sirskips

    F1 2019 no HUD in cockpit camera

    Can't show a video because it exceeds limit it's 30 sec really codemasters?!?! So here are photos. Once again no hud for speed or gear in cockpit cam. Its only on the steering wheel which I can't see!
  2. sirskips

    F1 2019 no HUD in cockpit camera

    Where I cant find it? I am recording a video to prove it that there is no Hud with speed and gear while in cockpit cam!
  3. F1 2019 no HUD in cockpit camera. It is insane that the only way for me to drive in cockpit cam is to adjust the view to be so zoomed in I cant see the mirrors just so I can see the numbers on the steering wheel better. I should not have to buy a $400 VR headset just to drive in cockpit. Is there a mod or is they a way you can fix this. It is seriously one of the major issues this game has. I cant see any of the info on the wheel without looking at it for 2 seconds which is 1.7 seconds to long when driving at 250 MPH. You need to be able to glance at it. Please give us the players the choice to have a hud cockpit cam . For playing the game the way we would like is impossible at the moment. Its sad I love your games but lately I have been questioning my consumer loyalty to you! Yes this is a technical issue not a bug but a major design flaw that counts as a technical issue.
  4. British English is not the same thing as American. Some people have a hard time with accents. Some people are vets with hearing problems. None of us experiencing this issue are stupid. I like to play the game like a sim meaning no on screen turn indicators. However over the engine and in the heat of the race I have a hard time understanding the British accent. Its nice having famous voices but I would rather have a voice I can understand so I can play the game in a way that is fun for me the consumer of your product. Can we please realize tho that British English and American English are not the same anymore knowing one does not guarantee understanding the other. For the game to be playable it needs an understandable Co Driver. So you are missing American, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, maybe Hindi. Seriously you need Co Drivers that speak those languages.