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  1. the 14th player has joined EXACTLY at 11:18 time left of Q1 No, nothing happened except for the wrong position displayed, 15th instead of 14th in Q1. My question: in fully qualify with 15 players, a player with no time can access to Q2 and Q3 without any penalties? In my opinion the answer is yes, he can! Link to stream position of player join https://www.twitch.tv/videos/986330203?t=0h8m13s
  2. Oh Sorry, there's no 15th player, we are 14, my fault reading standings. Anyway on Q2 the 10th car has been retired and don't take part on Q3, it's right?? unfortunately I can't replicate because no one had any connection problem, the 14th player has joined in lobby at half time of Q1, olny this.
  3. ISSUE: We are played a Full Qualify and race in 14 players in unranked lobby. One player don't have place any lap on Q1 and have access to Q2 because we are 14, place fast lap on Q2 and Q3 qualifying second without penalties. On start grid he's on 13th position. Why ??? PLATFORM: XBOX GAME VERSION: 1.17 GAME MODE: Unranked Lobby CONNECTION: Wired with DL 800Mbit/s UP 250Mibit/s internet connection PLAYERS IN SESSION: 14 HOST: I'm the host ISSUE TYPE: this issue happens for everyone in the session REPORT CODE: ECVX-VBRT-JHPJ-RPJH STREAM LINK: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/986330203?t=0h53m9s
  4. Aismen69


    Aggiunta ultima sessione di Pre-Season Test per accedere al campionato in data odierna 15/12! Let's Race!
  5. Aismen69


    Campionato su 10 gare, livello difficoltà medio-alto, supportato da sito web con calendario aggiornato, comunicazioni via mail, canale discord, classifiche aggiornate, giri veloci, statistiche piloti e record su circuito cumulative di tutti i campionati che verranno organizzati d'ora in avanti! Test Pre-Season: 2/12 - 10/12 si accede su registrazione al canale Discord: https://discord.gg/3MBXdfvff3 Piattaforma: XBOX Vetture: F1 2020 (prestazioni pari) Qualifiche: Brevi Gara: 25% Taglio Curva: Rigoroso Meteo: Dinamico Danni: Completo Assetto: Completo Aiuti: Trazione Media, ERS Auto, Mix Auto
  6. Aismen69

    F1 player from Xbox!

    Hi guys, i'm playing F1 on Xbox!!! 🏎️