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  1. A detailed description of the issue. We have an ongoing league with friends, yesterday we all updated to 1.05 and we where al waiting on the lobby. When time was ended it would not go to qualy. The when sent to qualy most of the Poe pile got disconnected. I am the host and got dios connected as well. The only solution was to close the game and restart the PlayStation. The we where allowed to join. During the qualy the times where no it updated so I was stuck with the time the bot was able to do. This happened to everyone. Report Code Platform? PS4 / PS5 Game-mode?
  2. I think they are fine, and if you tweak the setup a bit they get better. I would guess they are more realistic now and that is great!!!
  3. Just to close this thread as no one has answered. We played the league again on the second race and all is back to equal cars, even the option is still blocked but at least it is on the right selection now.
  4. I just created a new league and selected the cars at the same level. When the league is created and I go check the options it changed to realistic performance and I can’t change it back.
  5. That 1% is really just in case. But anyway if I created the league with realistic performance, later in the league settings it is posible to change this anyway. So it is really not relevant. The relevant point I think why the game does not allow me to change this setting which in F1 2020 was posible to change.
  6. A detailed description of the issue. I host a league with friends and we race using the F1 cars. The performance of the cars is stuck on realistic and we can’t make the performance equal for all the cars. I am also 99% sure that when I created the league is selected the option of equal car performance and then when entering the room before the race this changed. Report Code Platform? PS5 Game-mode? Multiplayer League racing [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag a
  7. Hi guys not sure if this is a bug or not. I have a league with some friends and we race with F1 cars. The cars we use them all with same performance but in 2021 this option is blocked. Am I missing something to be able to change this? thanks for the help… Michel
  8. Nat 2 as an extra info when I played f1 2019 I had no issues. Also I have no issues playing other online games.
  9. A detailed description of the issue. Very often after playing multiplayer games, leagues or time trial after I go back to the lobby or main screen I get a screen with the message Communicating with online services. This screen stays there until I have to close the game. If I leave the screen there for a long time it just does nothing. The game does not crash or shows any error messages. When I restart the game all is ok again and after a while of playing it comes back again. I have had this problem since the first version of the game. I have also tried connecting to the internet throug
  10. I see this screen usually after a multiplayer race or a time trial. When returning back to the lobby or main screen. The system gets stuck at this stage and I have to close the game and load it again for it to work. This happen very often. Latest patch did not fix the issue.
  11. @BarryBL are there any updates on this. The last patch came in and the problem is still there.
  12. I am having there exact same problem as oner7 after I play and returning to the main screen I get stuck at "communicating with online services". I have a PS4 and the latest patch.
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