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  1. symbiotesidd

    Hello my name is sidd

    Thank you so much It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful journey with yall
  2. symbiotesidd

    Hello my name is sidd

    Hello my name is Sidd and I am going to be 18 in June 14, I am from Singapore I have been a huge fan of f1 racing games since 2010 I still remember the first time I bought the F1 2010 game for the Xbox360, I was completely culeless as I have never played an F1 game before but once I got my hands on the F1 2010 game, i suddenly deepened my interest in these F1 games and now I am a huge fan of all these F1 games I even bought the F1 2013 game but stopped there as I lost interest for a little while but now my interest for F1 games is back and I am soo looking forward to the F1 2020 game for the PS4
  3. Players should be able to have their own go karts for the public to use, and get sales from the amount of merchandise and go karts that the public buys
  4. I definitely agree with this statement but they should add them as part of the game and not as a DLC
  5. i defintely agree to all these points, especially no 2, 3 and 4 which really makes the game extra amazing as we also wanna have the opportunity to create our own maps and name it, and get the AI racers in any mode to race in our created maps
  6. Let us be able to use our customised car in MyTeam in Multiplayer split screen because if cant then it wont be fun as we cant use the customised car when racing with our friends so try to make this option available to us Include Real TV graphics and animations like how we see in tv Add press conference interviews with other f1 and f2 drivers Option to read the news about our MyTeam career which includes the car, the team, the sponsors and the drivers More post match and pre match animations to increase the fun and excitement Allowing us to customise our teammate in MyTeam in case we ran out of money or none of the current F1 and F2 drivers are willing to drive for our team Richer graphics Allowing us to create our crew member outfits too Creating and editing maps Hearing the sounds of the starting lights to increase the excitement and the feeling that we are in a real F1 race Letting us type any name for our MyTeam team name that we feel like we wanna use when racing and feeling proud that we are in the team and not use pre existing names which will decrease the excitement and the motivation for us players as we will feel like are racing for someone else's team and not ours