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  1. No problem. I like the turn in at the 240, but it introduces some twitchty controls in the process on the straights. Appreciate the input. I'll start messing with the saturation this evening. Just thought it was odd to have to set the wheel lock so low and going on youtube, the majority is around 270-360.
  2. What would be a good number to start out with for Saturation? Should I put the wheel back to 360 degree? Right now with the 'stock' I just don't have the turn into a corner that I want. With the 360 degree default as-is, the car just doesn't want to turn.
  3. So I've tried the default settings for the G923 wheel for F1 2021. The 360 degree doesn't seem to turn enough. I've dropped it down to 240 degree. Is that normal to have to drop it that low? Is there something else I can change and put the max steering rotation back to 360?
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