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  1. We've all seen the comments on here about realism v arcade game etc. But there is one thing that winds me up so much and that is AI cars practically stopping mid corner (nearly always a Ferrari ) or slowing down far more than you do when braking for a corner. In the real world, this would never happen, unless a car had a problem. This happens to me in nearly every Sprint or Grid Start race. Stop this happening, Codemasters. It makes a complete joke of the game. If you want to get close to realism but retain the arcade fun of it, then cut this feature out and let us race fairly!
  2. Following Charles' suggestion, I logged out of Gamecenter on my iPad, then the game loaded properly. Then, without closing the game down fully, I logged back into Gamecenter and now the game works fine, complete with my saved data.
  3. Same for me. Started a thread in technical assistance. Hope for a fix soon!
  4. I've just downloaded the latest update and the app now crashes as it loads the home screen. I have tried it several times with the same result. I have also uninstalled the game and re-installed from App Store and it's still crashing. Any help?
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