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  1. So, is it worth reporting the cheats? Does anything actually happen, or is the reporting function just there for us to vent our anger on and then nothing happens to those persistent cheats who ruin this game? I've just had 3 sprint races in a row and been deliberately rammed into the pit wall on every one of them. Are these people too afraid to race properly? Do they think they can only win by cheating?
  2. RickJP

    Grid starts a joke!

    So, I’m getting fed up with grid starts. Here’s an example of what is hacking me off. Several times, I’ve been lined up on the grid, ahead of my opponent, hit the perfect start, against a car that I find out at the end of the race has less power and less aero than me. By the time I’m halfway down the first straight, my opponent is out of sight around the first corner! He’s got less power, less aero and I got a perfect start! Why am I not ahead by the first corner? The other thing that’s really grinding my gears are AI cars slowing almost to a stop before a bend. One example. I’m motoring down the long straight at Shanghai, almost half the length of the straight between me and the AI car in front. I hit the braking point just as the braking indicator starts and I’m standing on the brakes. The AI car in front of me has virtually stopped and I rear end it! Then I get a contact penalty! It seems that grids starts are a total lottery and my win percentage has gone right down. All setups are good and I’m winning most qualifiers.