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  1. hyperhunter918

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Alright, so basically I really liked F1 2019 except for just a few things. I agree with StanleyGoodSpeed about getting rid of the in garage menu along with getting rid of the fake drivers. I also think it would be a good idea to add in a thing where you can choose how many driver transfers occur in a season, for instance you could have a bone to small to medium to large amount or something like that, cause I really like driver transfers a lot cause I think it spices things up but I also recognize that other people may not want that. But the biggest thing I want to see for future F1 games (if you codemasters people can manage it) is that I want old tracks to be playable. Like, it would be amazing to have some sort of archive game mode or something where I can go back and race at the German Grand Prix or Korea, and Malaysia along with all the other great tracks that have come and gone. That would increase the interest and longevity of the game because it would add a lot more circuits to explore, learn, and race on. So if you could do that that would really make the game for me. Also I really appreciate this whole feedback thing cause I’m not used to game makers actually listening to its users so thank so much codemasters for taking my opinion into account.