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  1. Im going to add to this as it's just happened to me again, when you are driving along and people crash in front of you and then come back on the track so you hit them as you can't get out of the way, whats the point, why are they not ghost cars straight away, sometimes they are then they are not, you hit them so it ruins your race when you have no other option, no skill required just bad logic for a multiplayer game
  2. I just don't get this trophy, how is this skill based when people are just taking you off the track, i've lost so many points this week because someone has punted me off, this is the most frustrated i've ever been playing a game online. The rewards for finishing in the top half or on the podium are so small but when I am taken out in the 1st corner and lose my front wing if I quit then I get 60 points taken away. How is anyone supposed to get better at the game when they are constantly being hit (an being hit and getting penalties hows that work?) Sorry for the rant but it's so annoying