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  1. Norgz


    Report here - if xbox
  2. Its being actively investigated by Codies and now Microsoft, there is a way to report it missing in here -
  3. Schumacher Edition Digital 27th June Yes - added successfully
  4. Norgz


    Watched F1 since 2007, supports Lewis Hamilton, Alex Albon, Lando Norris, George Russell. I am British as you could probably already tell
  5. Norgz

    About pitcoins

    This is being investigated currently, I don't have mine either
  6. Norgz

    Save colour presets

    Yes! would save soooooo much time and hopefully be able to type in the HEX codes or RGB
  7. Norgz

    VIP - Podium Pass

    Ok, I didn't know but I don't have my credits yet. Thanks
  8. This added bit of customisation will really help for league owner like me where you might decide to race at one track, twice. So say instead of 2020 Rolex Austrian Grand Prix we can have 2020 Codemasters Grand Prix. Just a small feature that will really help a lot of us out
  9. Norgz

    VIP - Podium Pass

    I preordered Schumacher Edition and have just logged on to see that I do not have VIP Podium Pass, this has saddened me because I have paid an extra £10 for a deluxe edition without VIP. Not only this but to get VIP it cost £8.39! I think we should be given VIP Podium Pass if we preordered the game!
  10. Believe its based on your timezone for Xbox
  11. Norgz

    F1 2020 Career Mode - F2 Regards

    I think 1 f2 and 10 f1 is the most likely scenario
  12. Norgz

    F1® 2020 | Pre-Season Testing

    For this we probably would have to be given an end of season points bonus and a part where we see what upgrades a new team you go to have before Australia and Testing